Guilt about spending too much on christmas presents?

Do you have that pang of guilt about spending too much at Christmas on the kids? And how many presents should they be getting? What if one present is bigger than their siblings’ – will that cause a riot?!

We are all more aware of how much we’re spending on presents at Christmas, but wouldn’t you rather get rid of that pesky guilt once and for all? October is the time to start putting a plan together and maybe think about a budget and wait for it……. stick to it!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to know you’ve actually saved money on gifts because you bought them in an early sale and then spend that money on delicious food for Christmas and Boxing Day? Splash out and buy a ‘3 birds in 1’ roast instead of just a turkey? Radical huh?!

The Bank Of England says a typical household in the UK spends over £2,000 each month.

But in the run up to Christmas our spending habits change dramatically, and a typical household spends over £500 extra in December. They also mention that the value of online shopping has nearly doubled in just the past three years. It now accounts for £1 in every £6 we spend.


Therefore, shopping online can be a saviour when it comes to budgeting – you can add your list to your Amazon account and really do your research when it comes to quality of gifts ‘by review’ and deals or special offers.

The GirlZone crew start putting out Christmas gift discounts as early as September / October with whopping 50% off vouchers.

This is the kind of thing you need to look out for and start to buy the gifts early to save a wodge of money!

So, Here’s How to save money on present buying:

Make a list of names!

Start by making a list of who you need to buy for:

Postman / Binman??

How Much Will You Spend On Each?

Place a figure from £5 upwards against each name. Add it up and see if you can afford it. Experian says: On average we spend around £400 on gifts, buying presents for just under 10 people each. How much will you spend?

Stocking Fillers

Sometimes these can be the most difficult to buy as you don’t want to waste your money on little bits and pieces that you will find scattered around the house in January. Don’t feel bad about adding in the traditional nuts and fruit or a handful of Quality Street in each stocking-kids love the fact that the stocking is bulging!!!

Just make sure you add this to your budget.

Most importantly – check out your shopping basket on Amazon and make sure you’ve visited the GirlZone Storefront to get your top gifts for girls.

Top Tip:

Don’t Forget To Budget For Wrapping Paper And Make Sure You Have ‘Santa’ Wrapping Paper Or Better Still – Get Amazon To Do All Your Wrapping For You!