How to throw a pamper party for girls age 8-11

Girl on bed with Unicorn


O.K – so this is where GirlZone can REALLY help you out! We’re experts in all things girly and glittery and know how to throw the ultimate pamper party that will be the top gossip at the school gates!

First rule – keep it simple and pretty or pretty simple!

The rule of thumb is to invite between 6 – 8 girls – that way you can manage them all and make sure that all the girls get a good play with all the products.

Girls lying on a bed at pamper party


If you have time, make your own and get creative on Canva – it’s so simple to use and looks so professional.

OR get creative with your girls and hand draw a design for your invitations and then photocopy as many as you need.

Third option – go to your nearest card shop and buy some pre-printed beauties.

Shopping online

To make things as easy as possible – why not do all of your planning and buying online. GirlZone can help you out with this one as we have ALL the products you will need for the ‘pamper’ part of your party! Yassssss!!

Flash Tattoos

Make Your Own LipBalm

Glitter Tattoo Set

Nail Art Studio

Glitter Hair & Body Gels

Rainbow Lipgloss

Hair Chalks

No Crease Hair Ties

Set up stations for your pamper room

Trying out My Lip GlossTo make the party authentic – why not set up some beauty stations around the room and have some cute tunes playing throughout to keep the fun flowing:

LipBalm and LipGloss Station (decorate with mirrors)

Tattoo parlour (have water and tissues on hand to help with application)

Nail Art Studio – let the girls get creative with the nail art set!

Hair Salon –provide hair accessories, hair chalks, hair glitter and brushes

Let the girls go crazy with colouring each other’s hair. Its easily washable so don’t worry about the shocked faces of parents when they come to pick up their darling girls!


Help braid their hair and use as many colourful No Crease Hair Ties as possible to get some funky looks! Try space buns!

Go glitter crazy with the hair and body gels – the girls can add to their funky hair colours with pretty glitter gels and then add some glitter swishes to the face and body.


It gets better… if after all the fun of the pamper stations, the girls still have some energy – why not let them make Unicorn cup cakes and cookies!!

Make life easy and buy ready-made packet mixes from the supermarkets and clear the kitchen surfaces so the girls have plenty of room to spread out.  

Top tip: have all tools, bowls and ingredients ready in each area – so you’re not searching for things at the last minute!

When the cakes and cookies are baked – get the girls to decorate in their own style – then pack the cake and cookies into cute little cupcake boxes for the girls to take home and show off to their family.


Then to feed the party girls – add these ideas to your spread for a truly cute food table:

  • Sparking Strawberry Lemonade
  • Ice cream in cones
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Cheese and pineapple on sticks
  • Mini fruit kebabs on sticks
  • Melon balls
  • Mini sausages and mini tomatoes
  • Party bags

The all-important party bags! Gone are the days when a party bag was sufficient with a pencil, a lump of cake and a sweet or two (sad times) – now our children are delving into that bag at the end of parties to see what clever little trinkets await them.

So, here’s the best bit – we’ve come up with the ultimate party bag and you can buy it all online at Amazon with next day Prime delivery! Whoop whoop!

My Lip Gloss Collection

Buy packs of goodies and just split the packs up and pop one of each into a goody bag:

And there you have it – the DIY ultimate pamper party with GirlZone! Have fun!