‘Make your own’ creativity – making a come back with kids

Have you noticed recently how kids have cottoned on to the fact that ‘making your own’ fun can actually be more enjoyable than screentime? Whaaaat?! Yes it’s true – with the introduction of ‘slime’ – kids have suddenly found creativity can be cool and it’s O.K. to put the tablet down.

girl making lip balm


Another craze which is here to stay (sad news to some mums & dads!) is Slime DIY . This became Google’s top trend of 2017  with people branding it the Internet’s latest ‘wellness obsession’ – or the perfect ‘stress outlet’.

Watch Holly & Phil making slime

Watch Holly & Phil making slime!

With more than 3 million Instagram posts tagged #slime and seemingly endless number of You Tube tutorials – we might be seeing the new craze of ‘make your own’ taking over from gaming!? O.K, maybe not quite yet– but we are seeing a real turn around in society with products going ‘back to basics’ – freeing up more time to do the things we all used to love doing before technology came along.

The kids are loving it and the mums and dads are secretly loving it too. Adults are spending down time with their kids and getting messy. They are finally finding that creative streak they left behind when they discovered mobile phones and technology.

Top GirlZone Tip:

So where do we start with kids? Here’s a few ideas for you to try at home:

  1. Make your own squishy
  2. Make your own slime
  3. Make your own bubble snake
  4. Make your own marble run
  5. Make your own Den

Let’s get kids doing a creative challenge at least once a week? It will be amazing to see how their imaginations start to grow!

girls doing nail art

GirlZone also have their own creativity kits that you can buy on Amazon Prime. So if you’re planning the weekend activities and in need of some inspiration or a great gift idea for girls – check these out:

Make Your Own LipBalm Kit -create your own fruity scents, colours and decorate your lip balm pots.

Glitter Tattoo Set – create your tattoos with stencils, glue and glitter

Nail Art Set – create amazing nails with gems, stickers, nail varnish and detail pens.

Go for it! And have fun!