How green is your Christmas wrapping?

Kids love nothing more than ripping wrapping paper off their GirlZone presents on Christmas Day and sometimes, it could just be a massive empty box and they would still love it right?

But do you have a cold sweat at the thought of how much wrapping paper you throw away on Christmas Day?

Brits will bin the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper each Christmas – that’s enough to carpet quite a few football pitches!


So if you’d rather be greener this Christmas but not miss out on any fun – then the GirlZone Crew have got some top tips for you to make your house greener this Christmas!

  • Choose wrapping paper you can recycle. Some paper with foil and glitter can’t be recycled – so why not go for brown packaging paper? You could jazz it up with red ribbons and bows?
  • This is 100% on trend and kids will love tearing it off!
  •  GirlZone Crew opening gifts for girls wrapped in brown paper
  • Have you ever wondered what to do with the end of the roll of wallpaper? Why not use this to wrap some presents with – wallpaper is usually quite thick so it’s really good to use for gifts that are delicate or breakable.
  • Gift bags are fab to use again. So never throw any away as you can revive them with ribbons and those cute tags you made earlier!
  • Amazon offer Gift Wrapping on GirlZone gifts for girls. All you have to do is click ‘Gift Wrap’ at the checkout and they wrap the gifts in beautiful tulle bags with ribbons.GirlZone Gidts wrapped in Amazon Gift Wrap
  • Did you know that sticky tape isn’t biodegradable? Use raffia or string instead to secure your wrapping.
  • Finish it off with home-made gift tags made from recycled xmas cards from last year. Buy yourself a pair of decorative paper edge scissors to create fun edges on your tags.
  • Have you seen the beautiful Japanese art of Furoshiki? The idea for this is you wrap your gifts in fabric. It could be a scarf that forms part of the gift or some pretty off cuts material that you have lying around. For young girls- you can show them how to use the material to make a head scarf / band.