Designed for girls, created by mothers

OK…so what matters most to us mums when it comes to buying gorgeous gifts for our darling girls?

  • Quality & Fun!
  • Buy online – fulfilled by Amazon
  • No quibble refunds
  • Quick delivery straight to your door
  • Ethically sourced
  • Trustworthy

Job done! That pretty much sums us up at GirlZone. We love fun, originality and encouragement of discovery, which is why we created a one-stop-shop where girls can unleash their sparkle and explore their own style and creativity. Let’s champion our girls and their individuality and let them be in love with who they are and embrace glitter and colour – but most of all… have FUN!

The meaning of FUN:

Enjoyment, amusement and light-hearted pleasure, a source of fun, playfulness or good humour
Oxford Dictionary 2018

For girls

GirlZone is an online emporium brimming with high quality, sparkling and inspired beauty products, accessories and creative gifts, all the things girls truly love.

Girls will love our creative gifts so they can spend hours experimenting with beauty, fashion, art and design. There are gifts for friends’ birthdays, gifts for party bags, products for pamper parties and lots of cool arts and crafts for the budding artist.

We all know how important beautiful packaging is to our discerning girls, right? That’s why GirlZone have made sure that all our packaging is bright and fun – guaranteeing a smile upon opening!


For mums

Our mandate is to give girls a strong choice of trending products whilst giving you peace of mind that everything we sell not only meets our girls’ expectations but also our own standards, including ethical sourcing.

Our GirlZone crew test of all the products and scour the world for the best gifts for girls. We only launch our products when we are truly happy with the product, the design and the best price for our discerning customers.

Our gifts have been specifically sourced to appeal to 4-11 year olds, whilst giving girls plenty of choice to discover and develop their own style direction. But who says boys can’t use the products too right? Absolutely! And of course – let’s not forget the dads and us mums who still love a bit of glitter!

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