How To Be A Warrior and Win The Battle Against Self Doubt


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How To Be A Warrior and Win The Battle Against Self Doubt

By: Cassandra Moen


           Everyone has their insecurities. Either it be your weight, height, looks or abilities, everyone has that "ugh-I’m-not-good-enough" moment. We all sometimes feel that we are just not good enough, attractive enough, smart enough, tall enough or skinny enough.  That fear often builds up inside of us and inhibits our abilities and eats away at our self-esteem. We become more and more self-conscious and lose ourselves. We can break this cycle of self doubt, however. We just need to tap into our inner warrior. 


       The girl empowerment group and clothing designer, Veena Warriors, has been fighting the fears that cripple girls and prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Using creativity and art as a fun and inspiring way to tap into talents and self-confidence, Veena has found a way for girls to face their fears head on and shove them out of the way. They teach that by “practicing” our courage and affirming our strengths, we can build our confidence and truly see our potential. Art and creativity is the way to “practice” and “see” our fears in front of us. Be creative when your are stressed and feeling the pressure. Draw, paint, and create to release the tension and help build your confidence.


       Another group that is working to help create that warrior spirit is Warrior Girls. Using yoga and fitness as a way to empower girls, Warrior Girls Yoga Camps help inform and teach teen girls of their inner power. Yoga can help you become more aware of your body and mind and what they are capable of. Using various forms of yoga interwoven in leadership and empowerment exercises, you can become more grounded in your abilities and strengthen the confidence in yourself. Add yoga and meditation to your fitness routine to help keep your spirit strong and empowered.  


      A non-for-profit group that helps bring out the inner hero in girls is She Heroes. She Heroes provide an online atmosphere to help foster leadership and self confidence in teen girls. Education is the super power in She heroes. Using the internet as a vehicle, this organization provides advice, videos and interviews from inspiring women. They also provide classes and after school programs that help build character, leadership and career potential. 


       You may not be able to attend all of these empowering group sessions, but you can use similar techniques. Use these techniques or a version of your own to help get you started building your own confidence. Add a mantra to your morning routine or practice yoga at the end of the day to unwind. Learn about women and other girls like you that have accomplished and inspire. Educate and empower your friends and yourself by being positive and pro-active. Practice with your best friends to create unstoppable girl power or inspire them to break the cycle of self-doubt. Find your inner warrior and inspire those around you.