Top 2014 Nail Trends


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Top 2014 Nail Trends

By Katie Saxton

Year 2014 is right around the corner, which means it's the perfect time for a New Year makeover! This doesn't just mean a stylish new haircut and fresh wardrobe's also time to jazz up your nails with a whole new look that will impress throughout Year 2014!

If you're having trouble figuring out how to decorate your nails for the New Year, 2014 is all about being artistic and showing off your fashionable ingenuity. This means out with the dark and neutral polishes we all went gaga over in 2013 and in with stripes and colorful designs! Below is a quick list of the top 2014 Nail Trends that will help you turn heads at all of the New Year's fashionable soirees and social gatherings!  All designs are featured on the one-of-a-kind Custom Nail Solutions nails.
White With Flair: Solid white nails featuring small adornments, such as thin colored stripes, polka-dotted bases, or small gems, will be all the rage in Year 2014. White nail polishes exude elegance and class, and the small ornamentation adds just the perfect pop of pizazz!

Distinctive Metallic Polishes: Shiny gold, copper, and silver polishes were huge in the year 2013. This trend will continue in a whole new way in 2014! In the New Year, metallic polishes in unique hues like champagne and rose gold will pop up on the hands of fab fashionistas everywhere! This look goes great with your favorite little black dress

Stylish Stripes: The year 2014 will be all about stripes. Whether they are wide or thin, glittery or matte, or vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, striped nail art will be one of the top nail trends of 2014. Use a nail polish pen or tape to make sure your stripes are sleek, straight, and stylish!

Petite Pastels: Pretty and feminine pastel polishes like lilac, lavender, light blue, pastel pink, and pale yellow will be a major nail trend in 2014. Any of these polishes will show off your sweet and fashionable side, and they will add stylish color to any everyday outfit!

Suspended Half Moon Mani: One of the biggest nail trends of 2013 was the half moon mani featuring a colored half moon base set against a contrasting background. This one-of-a-kind nail trend has a whole new look for 2014! In the New Year, paint your nails nude and let dry, add a white semi circle half moon base on each nail, and add a clear topcoat to complete the look. The white moon will look like it is floating against the neutral background!

Canvas For Creativity: In the New Year, a major trend will be using your nails as a canvas for your artistic imagination. Jazz up your nails to your heart’s desire and draw intricate nail polish designs (like cartoon characters or colorful tribal patterns!), glue on sequins and nail gems, add lace embellishments, and change the nail texture with matte polish! You can also add fun little adornments like rhinestones, feathers, and tiny buttons! This is your chance to show off your imaginative side and ingenuity with your nails!

New-Age French Tip: One of 2014’s biggest nail trends will be the modern French manicure, where the nail tips feature a thin stripe of color set against a contrasting-colored background. For the contemporary French manicure, you can also choose to keep the nails nude and add a thin stripe of any color along each nail tip. This is a sophisticated and elegant manicure that will go great with all attire, whether that be a business casual outfit or a colorful cocktail dress!

Barely-There Ombré: A popular nail style in 2014 will be an ombré manicure featuring an understated, barely-there transition from light to dark. Once others notice the slight change in nail polish hues, they will applaud you for your originality! 

Sparkly Splotches: Glitter it up in the New Year! In 2014, a huge trend will be painting the nails a solid color then adding a patch of sparky polish in the same spot on every nail. You can place the glitter splotch wherever you choose, but make sure it is in the exact same spot for every nail. This will create the most chic, fun, and fashionable effect! This look will surely get you noticed at all your social events!

New year, new nails, new you! Try out any of the 2014 Nail Trends above to give yourself a fresh and fun new look for the New Year. All of the trends will ensure that your nails always look ready to turn heads in 2014.

About Katie Saxon

Katie Saxton is the founder of CustomNailSolutions (available at a renowned blogger and regular contributor to TV, radio, print and online media, on topics of nail beauty, nail care and trends. Custom Nail Solutions is a revolutionary artificial nail product offering custom nails that uniquely fit only your nail beds, are reusable, chemical-free and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Photo credit: Designs done by Diane Moran Graham on her Custom Nail Solutions custom-fit nails.