Too Young for Sex?


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Too Young for Sex?

Dear GZ Advisor,
I am 14. Am I too young to have sex?
Signed Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
There are many risks involved with having sex. Physical risks include the chance of getting pregnant and/or getting one or more sexually transmitted diseases. There are many emotional risks as well. Most teenagers (and you're not even a teen yet) can't handle the strong feelings that occur before, during and after sex. Unfortunately, many people get physical too soon, and have to live with consequences that would have been avoided if they had waited.

Before having sex it's important to be very clear in your mind about what's right (and wrong) for YOU.

Since you're thinking about sex I strongly urge you to talk about it with an adult you trust.

A book you might want to check out is Teen Love: On Relationships by Kimberly Kirberger (Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications Inc., 1999). This book offers advice for sorting out the feelings that come with romantic relationships. It includes letters from teens and wise advice about falling in love and handling your desires and feelings.

For more info check out PlannedParenthood Teen info

Take good care,
 GZ Advisor