Tips for Fab Hair


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Tips for Fab Hair

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Trying to get your hair to do what you want can be a total nightmare sometimes! So many celebrities have fabulous looking hair, but unfortunately for us, we can’t all have hairstylists and spend hours getting ready before we go out.


Don’t let your hair stress you out! No matter what your outfit or plan for the day is, here are some great tips to get fab looking hair. None of these tips and styles should take too long so whatever you’re in the mood for, check out our ideas.

Curls - There are so many different ways to curl your hair depending on the look you want. Where on earth should you start? Firstly, the size of your curling iron can make a big difference. Secondly, hairspray is a god send! If your hair is fine and struggles to maintain curls, hairspray will do a great job of keeping them in for you. Our two top tips for curling hair is firstly to make sure you curl with small sections of your hair. Secondly, once your hair has curled, grab a bobby pin, carefully take a strand of curled hair and pin it to your scalp. Only take the bobby pins out just before you leave the house, the curl will stay in longer this way! Run your fingers through your hair to get the desired curl you want.



Straight N Sleek - If you want something really simple which doesn’t take too much time, then grab those straighteners and go for a sleek look. Before straightening, it’s so important to make sure your hair is completely dry. If it’s still wet, you can damage your hair by using straighteners. Apply a heat protection serum before using a hairdryer and use your fingers first to brush it through, then start to use your brush a bit later on. Once completely dry, you can now straighten your hair. Never ever turn your straighteners up above 400 degrees, if you have fine hair, don’t go above 300 degrees. The key is to separate your hair into small sections to get the smoothest look. Keep brushing your hair as you go along and use slow movements.


Ponytail - A ponytail may seem a bit dull and something you do everyday for school. However, there are a few tips to get your ponytail looking fab, giving it lots of volume so that it doesn’t just lie flat on top of your head. Backcombing the hair on top of your head before you put it into the ponytail is an excellent solution. Section your hair into parts and backcomb the hair closest to your scalp, it may begin to look a bit crazy but when you flick your hair back it will create loads more volume!


Top Things To Keep In Your Bag: If you’re having a really bad hair day, or the weather is driving your hair crazy, it’s a good idea to keep some essential products in your bag. Bobby pins are perfect because they’re so small they can fit in the tiniest of purses. If you have a crazy stray hair or some hair falling out of your ponytail, clip it with a bobby pin. Secondly, a small can of hairspray can be really useful if you have a hairstyle which needs to last all day.


No matter what hairstyle you choose, be confident and you’ll look great! Clare Weyers is an expert in all things hair and beauty and runs Elite School Of Beauty Therapy in Bishops Stortford. She offers a range of courses and if you want some more great beauty tips check out the latest news on her website.