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Things I <3 Electric Picks

Win An Electric Pick Bracelet!!!

Electric picks jewelry is inspired by the rock n' roll gods and goddesses. "It's modern jewelry with a rock n' roll attitude, inspired by the freedom and glamour of rock music. It's for the renegades, romantics and visionaries. Each bracelet is intricately crafted and one of a kind. Seeking, but never finding jewelry that inspired her as much as music did, designer Mj Barton set out on her own and brought Electric Picks to life after having a vivid dream to put guitar picks into bracelets." Um, how cool is that??

Last year, Mj partnered with Chantel Gia, who happens to be a fellow business woman, music lover and her BFF. The pair "love to scour vintage stores for inspiration. Using material from their travels all around the world, they mix gemstones, fine metals and authentic guitar picks to create looks that aspire to be as timeless as music is." Their dream became a reality and even celebs love rocking Electric Picks!












Want one of these rock inspired bracelets for yourself? Just sign up for the giveaway below with your name and email. Don't worry, it's quick and painless! Who doesn't love free stuff? Especially if it's super cute jewelry you can wear with so many different looks. I picked out a few outfits I think would pair perfectly. 

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I love GirlZone because it lets me know that I'm not alone in the world and that other girls have gone through and are currently going through the same things as me.


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