The trick Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff as well as relationship to Universal Vortex Mathematics

The trick Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff as well as relationship to Universal Vortex Mathematics

When you look at the geometry, an enthusiastic enneagram is a good 9-pointed plane contour.

is probably the icon out of Gurdjieff, much like the Goodness additionally the cross but Gurdjieff made zero mention of the they inside the trilogy:”Most of the and you may Everything” (“Beelzebub’s Reports to help you Their Grandson”, “Conferences which have Exceptional Males”, and also the shell of 3rd Show)!

New Enneagram arrives in the first place away from P. D. Ouspensky’s “Looking the fresh new Secret”, Section fourteen where Gurdjieff gave a good lecture showing so it symbol. It was before the founding of Institute on the Harmonious Growth of Son into the Fontainebleau while the composing away from Beelzebub’s Tales. Subsequently this has been expanded on from the thousands of people as a tool regarding religious advancement. A large business has changed from the study of their intersecting traces, particularly in brand new mapping out-of nine personality models (randomly picked) as well as their interactions. Many are extremely rich providing demonstrations, drawing diagrams, and you may becoming practitioners within these knowledge having feel associated on enneagram, called the Enneagram_of_Personality from the Wikipedia, that was increased out-of Gurdjieff of the Oscar Ichazo and you will Helen Palmer. Brand new Next Means Enneagram in Wikipedia plays 2nd fiddle to help you it today. It’s the Ouspensky and you may John G. Bennett followers who use this label, nonetheless it is accurately known as Gurdjieff Enneagram. The new so-titled ‘scientific’ studies of your own “4th Ways Enneagram” one to you will need to assume situations using the half a dozen vectors out-of brand new continual parece away from opportunity.

Astrology already has actually 12 brands, however they are of one’s essence, while these 9 models from the Enneagram_of_Identity attempt to map the personality. The brand new character is merely the brand new artificial structure that individuals would in order to shield the substance in the globe. Sooner, this study of characters is a complete waste of amount of time in the structure of a heart, that is founded up on substance. It will be easy this training could well be useful in the fresh control out-of other individuals who don’t have a clue that they possess an essence, but demonstrably caters to zero mission so you can your religious gains.

The trick Enneagram from Gurdjieff and its particular link to Common Vortex Math

When i check out this excerpt, We considered myself, so it must be a mistake and it also are “Sevenfoldness” like in new “Laws from Heptaparaparshinokh”, especially in the context of your eight notes throughout the octave. Whether it are supposed to be none other than reference into the nine facts of the Enneagram, it is uncommon, once the unique contour extremely contains eight traces one actually get in touch with the fresh recurring quantitative as being the division of the seven. Others a couple activities come from the inner triangle that is commonly put aside.

It is more likely that said ‘Law off Ninefoldness’ relates so you can things harder versus Enneagram and you can wasn’t understood from the Gurdjieff at the time of his writing. That it “Legislation out-of Ninefoldness” probably is the recently located (otherwise will We say recalled) Vortex Math which is exhibited within this lecture. In Vortex Mathematics the number 9 possess an alternate matchmaking, for example, one of several services of nine is that if it is put in a range, it includes one exact same feet amount:

  • 1+9=ten and that reduces to a single+0 and this translates to(==) step 1
  • 8+9=17=1+7=8
  • several,345 (1+2+3+4+5=15=6==several,345+9=several,354 which is step one+2+3+5+4=15=6
  • ..

You should keep in mind that the process of “reduction”, because utilized throughout the so it speech, would be to create all of the digits greater than nine together with her to show their essence because step 1-9. This can be a familiar behavior when you look at the Numerology.

The number is even printed in the latest cosmos: diameter of one’s world: 7920 miles (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), sqft = 144 ins, cubic foot 1728 ins, square turf=1296 inches, (proliferate from the 10 is 12960 and you will 12960 age (1 / 2 of the precession of your own equinoxes twenty-five,920 years), system 360 amounts, rectangular 90 stages x 4 = 360 amount, equilateral triangle 60 degree x step 3 =180 degrees, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 amounts (gold nuclear weight 108), pyramid truncation 4 x 180 amounts = 720 stages, cube 6 x 360 = 2160 stages