Temporary Hair Color


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Temporary Hair Color

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By Ashley Wiley

A woman’s hair is an accessory she can use to enhance her look. The way we wear our hair says a lot about who we are, and just like any accessory we want to change it up. Hair can reflect our moods; we can wear it up or down, short or long, and light or dark. The value of our hair can prevent us from making too drastic of a change, for example, coloring your hair can be a scary thing especially when you want to break away and try a color like blue or red. The color isn’t what you expected, it damages your hair, or your parents won’t agree are just a few of the possibilities on a long list of things that can go wrong.

Dying your hair can be a permanent change, and sometimes the results aren’t always what we planned. Now with so many temporary DIY hair color products and tutorials, you can switch up your hair color and just wash it out when you're done. Your parents will be fine with this temporary solution to dying your hair.

Forever 21’s Temporary Hair Color:  For only $3.80, you can pick up all four colors—green, blue, magenta, and lavender—to try. It comes with directions on how to use. The great thing about this is that it’s easy to use and works with all different hair colors and types. The color comes something similar to a blush or eye shadow compact and the dye is in the form of powder.

It’s best to apply the color to slightly damp hair around the sink or bathtub because the powder can be a little messy. The darkness of your hair will determine how much dye you should apply. To seal in the color just apply hair spray. While the color stays nicely until you wash it off it’s still probably best to avoid wearing whites when using the hair color.

Hair Chalking: If you’re looking for more variety in color hair chalking is another great option. Now you can purchase hair chalk instead of art pastels that started off this trend. It’s a fun way to dye your hair for the night. While the price can vary depending on quantity and quality, you can find the right hair chalk that will give you the colors you want and at the price you want too.

It works similar to Forever 21’s Hair color. Apply the chalk to damp hair and continue until you have the desired amount. This method will stain your hands to so wear some plastic gloves to protect this from happening. Here is a link that shows you how to dye your hair with chalk.

DIY Hair Color

If you're feeling in a more do it yourself mood or just don’t want to pay, you can always make a temporary hair color with common kitchen products. It’s important to keep in mind that these methods may be a little less reliable than the first two. Making your own hair color is perfect for those who want to try it out before they buy anything or for those you want to really customize the color.

Here is a good site that shows you how you can make your own temporary hair color using food coloring.

Now that you know how to dye your hair using temporary hair color, here are some great ideas to try:

  • Highlights: If you’re looking for just a touch of color just at the product to a few sections of your hair to create beautiful highlights.  
  • Peekaboo Highlights: Add a few streaks of color to the hair in the back to flash a little color.
  • Big Sections: Color bigger sections like your side-swept bangs or color all your hair for a look will be sure to attract attention.      
  • Ombré Hair: Grab two different colors and try an ombré technique. Start off coloring sections of your hair with the lighter color. Then add the darker color towards the ends of your hair. Add a little water and blend the two colors where they meet.
  • Color the Ends: Add a little color to the tips of your hair to give your hair a nice pop of color.

When you’re in the mood to change up your hair, but lack the funds, or are scared of the word “permanent” try using Forever21’s Temporary Hair Color. The results are fantastic and you can change it up whenever you want.

What would you do with these temporary hair color options?