Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas


Does your room look sorta middle school? Or does it reflect your parents’ taste? Create the look you want. Celebrate who you really are. Change it up with these ideas!

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas


Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Girls rule the world and they just want to have fun! So, let your room describe who you are. Does your room make a statement about you? Are you jazzy? Are you plain? Whatever your taste is…let your room show your creative side.

Color vibe

Finding new teen girl bedroom ideas can be challenging. A good way to start a new style for teen girls is to find out her favorite color. Adding her favorite color to the room will make it personal as well as fun. You can use a color for the majority of the room or you can use her favorite color to accent the room.


Lace windows

A fun new way to decorate the windows is to add lace. You cover the window with Elmer’s glue using a sponge brush, then you apply any color of thin lace material that you have previously measured and cut, directly to the glass. Add a second coat of glue to seal in the lace. To finish off this unique look you add some sheer curtains.

Closet renovation

Now that your teen is a little older, you might want to create an area for her to do her makeup and hair. To do this you are going to empty out her closet. After it is painted a different color, you will mount a large mirror. Using a desk or a vanity for all of her makeup and hair products. On the sides of the closet you can add hooks and pegs to hold jewelry. Such as necklaces or rings and even earrings. The pole that is already in the closet can be used to hang scarves.

Wall treatment

Make swatches of one color and let them dry. After the paint is dry, use painters tape to make a design, such as peace signs or music notes. After the designs are completed, you will cover the swatches as you paint the entire room. While the paint is still wet, you will remove the tape. The designs will be the first color that you put down as the swatches. Use our art projects and craft ideas to add more creative touches to your room!

New twist on posters

You can have your teen take a digital camera and take their own pictures. Then you can develop these pictures into poster size. You can even have them framed. Doing this will allow you to change them as often as they want. This is great for when their taste and interests change.

Art wall

If you have an artistic teen, you can paint the wall with a chalk based paint. This will turn the wall into a chalkboard. Allowing your teen to use pastel chalks to draw and create whatever their imagination allows. They can erase their creations and start again, as many times as they want.

Lighting with rope

For a new unique way to light your teen’s room instead of using lamps you can use rope lights. The fun thing is that you can completely cover the ceiling. You can do all one color or you can mix and match and make any designs you want. And if your teen would like a more dramatic look, you can use sheer, light material to tack up in between and over the rope lights. Leaving their room with a personal ambience and style.

The bed alternative

If you like to create a Zen area for your teen! Instead of using a conventional bed you can put down very plush carpet with thick padding. You can line the walls with very large, fluffy pillows. Also, you can use a futon like mattress to finish the look. Adding a few vintage bean bag chairs. Creating a soft, comfortable place for your teen to relax and study.

Just use your imagination and creative side!


Article courtesy of Thingsteen.com