Summer Dreaming


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Summer Dreaming

Things (Not) Accomplished This Year

Ahhhh, summer is finally here. You are probably looking forward to spending days at the lake, going to awesome outdoor concerts, and taking road trips with your best friends. Honestly, you will probably just end up going on netflix binges and 48 hour Law & Order marathons, but whatever. Either way you'll be relaxing from the stressful school year. Reflecting on the school year, you'll start to wonder- what did I actually accomplish this year?

Here is a list of all the things you probably achieved this year:

1. Scaring all potential boyfriends away.

2. Failing to even sign up to take the SATs/ACTs.

3. Consuming enough diet coke to create a lifetime worth of damage to your bones.

4. Spending the little amount of money you had on Chick-Fil-A.

5. Buying exercise clothes to not work out in.

6. Starting but never finishing 20+ diets.

7. Finishing Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill on Netflix.

8. Refusing to even think about college visits because big decisions stress you out.

9. Watching Miley transform into the slut everyone dreams of being.

10. Creating a pinterest board on fun summer activities (that you have forgotten about until now.)

11. Failing to run the whole "color run" no matter how much you said you were going to train. Walking is still exercise anyways.

12. Making every one of your teachers question their career choice.

13. Buying outfits that only consist of leggings and riding boots.

14. Not becoming Vine famous no matter how many times you embarrassed yourself in front of strangers. #doitforthevine

13. Instagramming at least three of your Starbucks drinks.

14. Ignoring all your parents’ pleas to do chores.

15. Crying at the only book you've ever read: The Fault In Our Stars

16. Still not setting up a Voicemail for your Iphone

17. Corrupting the little kids you baby-sit.

18. Being too late or too poor to buy concert tickets to virtually every show you wanted to see.

19. Giving up on all of your New Years Resolutions by January 3rd.

20. Procrastinating on all your homework assignments until you have a panic attack.

21. Becoming an even worse, more dangerous driver than from when you first got your permit and hit a house.

Hopefully your summer is just as productive! Happy end of the year! 


By: Melissa via