Shake Up Your Wardrobe


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Shake Up Your Wardrobe

teen girl shaking out a new outfit - Girl Zone

Give yourself the OK to dress a different way!

By Cinse Bonino

How do you dress? Sporty? Prep? Gypsy? Hippie girl? Serious? Cute? Pretty? Fun? Oh-so-put-together? This-is-me-just-as-I-am? Natural? What ever is YOU, ask yourself this -- what ELSE is you too?

Come on, there must be SOMETHING you'd just love to wear . . . Something that isn't like anything else in your closet or in your drawers. Maybe it is something as simple as a really wild, whacky, or very very dressy pair of shoes? Or maybe you saw someone, someone you know, or someone you never even saw before walk down the street with a look, with an outfit that you are just dying to try. Maybe you were even surprised that you liked it.

Or maybe you saw something in a magazine that made you question if your style still IS your style. Come on girl, get brave, EXPERIMENT!

Don't do something that will put you in tears later cause you did something that you just can't undo!

Start small. Change one thing. Maybe just an accessory. You are still you. You are allowed to show any side of yourself that you choose. Girls and women can develop, refine, perfect, and CHANGE their style every day of their lives if they so choose.

Always wear very subdued nail polish? Go crazy -- pick a color that you love that is weird and wonderful. Always wear make up? Take it off!!! Go natural! Oh my God, can you handle trying on a new you? Are you ready for a new do? Cut your hair? Put it up? Curl it? Twirl it?

WAIT! STOP! Do think about all of this first. Don't be crazy just to be crazy. Don't do something that will put you in tears later cause you did something that you just can't undo!

BUT, be brave. Try something. Too chicken? There's power in numbers. Find a friend or two (or for real fun have a change-your-style party and do it with a whole slew). Tell each other what you've always or even just recently longed to try. Try it out first just by talking about it. Ask each other, tell each other what you really think. Then actually try it out for each other! That's what dress rehearsals are all about. If you're the gutsy type -- your mirror is the only audience you'll need!

Finally, show the world that other side of you -- or the new you -- or the you that was hiding under the old you all along.

What are you too scared to try? What is a snap to change? Take our poll and let other girls know...


Changing just one little thing:

Hairstyles set your mood, create your look. gel it, slick it, tease it, braid it, up it, down it, twirl it or if you are really SURE, cut it, perm it, shape it.

Shoes can make you look serious or seriously ready for fun. get chunky, get funky, get sleek, get chic, add short socks or tights - solids, prints, pales or brights!

Accent pieces give the world a clue what's going on with you. Big bold earrings, necklaces and bracelets or sweet and tender barely there jewelry.


Used to be short and funky -- go long - think diva!
Used to be serious -- go colorful and bright - think fun!
Used to be natural -- go synthetic, geometric - think amusing.

Whatever you do. Dress for yourself. Be yourself -- whoever you are in that moment!

Have fun!