Parent Drama


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Parent Drama

My dad and mom are divorced. But it's not that that I'm worried about! I'm broken right now, because my dad, who used to yell at us a lot, is now so much better. He says sorry, never hurts us, ect. But my "mother", she's gone downhill. She is constantly rude, angry, lying, a hypocrite, manipulative, selfish, unloving, ect. She is really breaking me right now. I want to run away to my friends house, but she said she'll call the cops on me. I can't take it! And she does not put us into family counseling! She puts it off! help me, please!



My heart breaks for you Lexie. Family problems can be so hard to deal with. The silver lining is that this will make you stonger, even if it doesn't feel like it will now. Sorry your mom is acting like that. Divorce isn't easy for anyone and she may be going through a really hard time right now. Your Dad sounds like he made some major improvements, so that shows you that your mom might be able to also! So, keep your head up, girl! You do need some help stat though. You should not have to face this alone. Have you talked to anyone about this? If not, start with your Dad. Maybe you can spend some more time at his house while things are rocky with your Mom. Stay on him and your mom to get into counseling. Family would be best, but if they are not willing, tell them you'd like to go by yourself. This will give you time to vent and the counselor will work with your parents. Do you have a school counselor you can talk to? That would be perfect. If not, talk to a trusted teacher or coach. Ask them to speak to your parents about how much this is hurting you. Running away from your problems never solves anything. Build a support network for yourself of friends, family, teachers and yourself! Find some positive things to help you cope. Maybe join a sports team, write, create art, sing, go for a run, join a school club...basically anything to make you feel good and get your mind off your problems. Hang in there Lexie! Things will get better.

Girl Zone Advisor