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Online Shopping

By Farah Khalek

When you look in your wardrobe and find you need a new pair of heels, do you start stressing and trying to find a date in which your free to run down to the mall and get some?

You know you don’t have to anymore.

 Have you ever been into a shop and felt pressured by the sales assistant to buy something you don’t need?

 Have you ever bought a pair of shoes and got home and realized it doesn’t go with any of your clothes?

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions or any question along the lines of having a bad shopping experience, we have the solution.

 If you have access to Internet and a credit card at home, you can get everything you need for cheaper and delivered right to your door.

When we say everything we mean make up, shoes, clothes, books, cd’s and even food!

Anything you can buy at the mall, there is a way to buy it online.

 With rates of online shopping shooting up rapidly these days, you find not a lot of people go to the mall for purchasing reasons. People these days go to have a coffee, to meet up with friends or to grab a bite.

 While online shopping experiences can be great, you have to be careful as many things can go wrong. You will need to make informed decisions, you need to make sure it is a safe and secure website, you need to check the returns and exchange policy and when buying clothes, make sure you get the right size. We will show you how to do all that, later on in the article.

 What can go wrong?

Many things can go wrong when shopping online and so if you’re only young, you’re better off having a guardian or someone watching when you get to the checkout.

Here is a list of things that can go wrong:

-Wrong size clothing

-Wrong amount of a product

-Non exchangeable or non refundable


-Wrong product

-Non secure website

-Loss of money

-Clicking multiple times on the pay button may result in you paying double the amount.

There is usually a note above or around the pay button that notifies you of this and so if you misread the note, completely miss it or ignore it, then you may not be able to get your money back

-Poor quality

-Slow delivery

-Some countries charge custom duties and extra tax charges, make sure you are aware of this and make sure you read the shipping and handling details first

-You enter the wrong shipping details-& More

 Those are only a few things that may go wrong when shopping online and so you need to be extra careful and read over your order more than once. Making sure to check the quantity, the product, the color of the product, the details and your shipping and handling details.

 How to be careful:

Checking if the website you are shopping on is secure may be a hassle. It may require you to check reviews on different websites and reading through the terms and conditions, which are usually pages and pages of writing.

 Another way you can check this is when you go the checkout page where you are entering personal details of some sort, the url should change to start with https, for example:

When you pick your items and review your order, you will then click on checkout and the URL should automatically change to this*******

 Do you realize how the start has changed to http’S’, this means the website is secure and will keep your credit card details safe.

Some websites make this easier and just place signs all over the website saying they are 100% secure and approved.

 If you are still confused and not convinced the website is safe, the safest method of paying online is PayPal, most websites use this method.

 You will also need to check if the website will share your information with third parties. There should be a box when filling out your details that informs you for this.

The information listed above will help you shop online in a secure way. That is the most important thing you need to know when shopping online.

 The other things you need to check are very obvious.

When buying clothes, you need to check the sizes; websites will have a size chart, which will help you check your size in different countries.

This will lead you to checking the returns and exchange policy. It is important that the website promises to allow exchange or refunds for different reasons. While they may have their restrictions such as the products must have all tags attached or the products must be returned in original packaging that is just fair so they are able to sell it again.

 All those things can be avoided if you are careful and so now we are going to discuss the benefits of online shopping.

 Online shopping is a great way to shop if you own a credit card and have access to Internet in your house. You are able to buy anything you need off the Internet, without having to leave the house and all this will be delivered to your front door.

When shopping online, the products are usually cheaper and so that is another benefit.

 Give online shopping a go but remember to be careful and reread each and every one of your orders before checking out.

Youngsters, make sure to have a guardian and permission to use the credit card!

Happy Online Shopping !



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