The Missing Element


Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? What does faith or mindfulness mean to you? This is the place to explore your soulful side and the mind/body connection.

The Missing Element

By Cassandra Moen

Have you ever set your alarm for 6 o’ clock a.m. with every intention to get up and head to the gym, but only to hit snooze and roll over? All day you talk yourself into going to the gym and at the last moment ice cream is calling your name?  Do you keep promising yourself and your family that you will get healthy, but nothing seems to work? There may be one element that you may have overlooked in your overall health. That mostly forgotten, but in many cases a key factor, is spirituality. Many people live a faithful or spiritual life. They incorporate their faith and spirituality into their every day activities. Why not make your faith or spirituality a part of your over all health and fitness? Adding a faith or meditation routine to your routine will bring your spirits up and give you the extra push you need to get your health in order.

Your mental and emotional health play vital roles in your overall health and fitness. Having the right mind set and a positive attitude can be the perfect catalyst for you to lead a healthy life and achieve your fitness goals. Spirituality or faith can be the means to that alluring positivity.

  • Faith based spirituality is spirituality rooted in religion and the belief in a higher power. Many people who practice religion use hymns, prayer or religious rituals to pay respect to that higher being or power.
  • Non-faith based spirituality is based on a energy and spirituality beyond material matters. People who follow non-faith based spirituality usually use meditation, thought and spiritual exercises to reach self acceptance on a soul level.

Developing your spirituality and connecting your faith to your fitness plan will help you stick to your goals that were set and clear your mind of your daily fears and worries. Whether you are practicing your faith and religion or tapping into your spirituality and energy, you bring your health to another level. Clear your mind and create motivation. We all need that motivational kick at the end of a hard, stressful day. Realizing the connection between your daily stressors and your physical health is a great and important step on your road to your fitness goals.

Create your emotionally and physically healthy routine by connecting with your faith and spirit. Begin to change your mantra of “Eh, not now...” into one full of energy and inspiration. Start with these tips:

  •     Start your day with your faith or meditation. Prepare for the day as soon as your wake up by pushing away negativity using prayer or meditation. Starting your day in a positive mind set will help lower stress levels throughout the day and prepare you to emotionally handle those stressors.
  •     Incorporate your faith and spirituality into your workout to stay motivated.
  •     Spare a moment during your day to regroup. How can you do your best when you are panicking?

The next time you find yourself second guessing getting off the couch or talking yourself out of a run turn to your faith and spirit to guide you. A positive spirit and a motivated mind will keep your brain out of that bag of M&Ms and in the gym.