Managing It All


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Managing It All

Dear GZ Advisor, 
I'm a high school freshman this fall, and I'm also entering my fourth year in a professional ballet company as a youth member. It's a lot of work on both ends, and I'm worried about what to do. My semester finals are the same week as the big dance production. How do I juggle school and dance?          Abbey


Hi Abbey! Can I just say how awesome it is that you belong to a professional ballet company! Wow-you must be really dedicated and love it. This tells me you will make it all work next year. High school is challenging, but it's also manageable. Lots of highschoolers balance their school work along with sports, clubs, jobs, musicals etc. So, you can do it, too! It won't always be easy, but here are some tips that can help!

#1. Learn TIME MANAGEMENT. Use your planner to keep track of assignments, upcoming projects, tests and dance practices. You may want to get a big calendar to make a schedule for each week/month. If you plan ahead and don't procrastinate, you'll stay on top of things. For the super busy week of finals and your dance production-maybe get most of your studying in the week before and then make flashcards or study guides to bring with you on the go. You can review in between dance rehearsals, in the car or whenever you can squeeze study time in!

#2. Reach out for SUPPORT. Talk to your teachers & counselor and let them know you have your dance production the same week as finals. They may have some tips for you or might be able to help if they understand everything you have going on.

#3. Think POSITIVE. Waking up stressed and worrying about how you're going to get everything done will prob put you in a crappy mood. Instead, wake up and tell yourself, "Today is going to be great, I've got this!" It will set the tone and keep you going strong for the day.

#4. Stay MOTIVATED. Set goals, give yourself pep talks, (I mean you ARE pretty amazing!) and reward yourself. A girl's gotta have some down time. What do you absolutely love to do? Go to the beach, shop with GF's, binge watch Netflix? Make sure to put some "me" time in your calendar, too. You'll need this time to recharge yourself. 

I'm soooo excited for all your new adventures in high school! You'll do great. xo

GZ Advisor

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