Making Waves


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Making Waves

Making Waves: Make Your Straighteners Multi-Task

Can't find your curling wand or worse, yet, did it break? No need to freak out if you have a hot date, a job interview or a meet-the-parents scenario. 

You would never get anything done if you could not multi-task, so why accept a singular function from your hair straightener? You might get some weird stares and feel self conscious if you turned up to school looking disheveled with bedhead. This is where your hair straighteners will undoubtedly help you fight those bad hair days in the mornings. If time is against you and perfectly smoothed locks are unlikely, try using them as curling irons instead. Choose quality straighteners, such as Chi products or check out ebay to shop around for different brands and prices. 

What to do

The Daily Mail News recommends a thinner, flatter iron around two-and-a-half to five centimeters in width as “a larger paddle style won't work.” Straighteners come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so make your selection a careful one for this job. 

You then need to ensure your hair is dry and brushed through and parted into sections from the bottom of the scalp. Some hair spray and heat protection spray applied just before the curling process helps to protect it and keep it in place. To curl, simply clamp half-way down a strand and while turning the hair back on itself, run the iron slowly down at an angle. For a step-by-step approach, check out the posted hair tutorial. After you have got the hang of it, you can curl with confidence without any other equipment and achieve bouncy loose curls that look effortless. Innovation and multi-tasking in the morning are not such a daunting prospect after all.


What other straighteners might be useful?

There are mini sets for travel bags, those with wider plates to cover a greater surface area, ceramic plates with higher voltage sets that have a greater temperature range. The prices vary between brands and type, but range from around $20 upwards. Ultimately, it all comes down to how you want your straighteners to perform. It is harder to get multiple functions out of wider straighteners when trouble comes-a-curling (haha!) so if you want to avoid it, a smaller iron might be best.

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