Makeup Artist Secrets


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Makeup Artist Secrets

By Evelyn Walker

Tell me honestly, have you not wondered about the tricks makeup gurus have up their sleeves? We all do. We all have. And that is why I spoke to salon owners to uncover some of their most loved makeup secrets.

The secret to perfecting eyebrows 

Eyebrows are something that can make or break your look. To create the perfect eyebrow, start by figuring out the distance you want to keep between your eyebrows. It’s quite simple- if you have a wider nose, keep a smaller distance between your eyebrows. If you have a slimmer nose, increase the distance between your eyebrows. Don’t try to create a very prominent arch, but instead follow the natural curve your eye. 


The secret to perfecting red lipstick 

We’ve all gushed at the sight of the most gorgeous ruby-red lips and wondered how we could get the look ourselves. Apply nude concealer to your lips and then start lining your lips. Once done, fill in your entire lip with lip liner. This helps hold lipstick better. Once you have the color on, press on a matte powder such as e.l.f. Studio’s Translucent Matifying Powder to seal in the color. Finish with a coat of lip gloss and you’re good to go!

The secret to perfecting foundation application 

Always start with a primer suitable to your skin type. Then dot your skin with the foundation of your choice and really just massage it into your skin with your fingers. That’s right, your fingers! Your fingers are probably your best tool for make-up application. Don’t pull at the skin, use light strokes and pat it in.


The secret to perfecting naturally flawless looking skin 

Start by applying dots of cream foundation to areas of your face where you’d like to add dimension. Ideally, you’d apply these dots along your hairline, under your cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose. Blend it into your skin with your fingers and then brush on a light stroke of shimmer at both sides of the top of your cheekbone area. Next apply the blush of your choice along your hairline and on the apples of your cheeks. Finish the look by applying dots of foundation to the rest of your face and blend it in using a soft brush with light circular strokes.

Need help with your foundation/concealer application? Watch this helpful tutorial.

The secret to the perfect eye make-up 

And the last tip is from yours truly! One of the things I love to do up is my eyes. I follow the simplest system to perfecting eye make-up- always prep your eye with primer and then move on to the eye shadow. Most girls make the mistake of applying eyeshadow all the way up to their eyebrows. Don’t do that. Instead, apply a lighter shadow to your lid and a darker color to the outside corners and blend them in. To make your eyes pop make sure you want to use the blackest mascara you can find. I usually spend a good minute curling my lashes and then applying the mascara. Remember, the darker the shade of mascara, the better.

Armed with these secrets to perfecting your make up, you'll look like you stepped off the red carpet or runway!