8 Makeup and Hair Tips For the Perfect Prom Look


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8 Makeup and Hair Tips For the Perfect Prom Look

Prom Hair

For high school girls, prom is one of the most important events on the entire year’s social calendar and finding the right dress, right date or right group of friends are just a few of intricate pieces in a very complex and exciting puzzle.  Here are eight makeup and hair tips that will help you pull it a great look.

Natural, Easy Up-Dos
While you could certainly go the beehive route to truss up your locks, natural, easy up-dos will help you look and feel more comfortable all night long. If your hair is long and straight, pull it over to the side in a long, loose braid. For medium length hair, consider a ballerina bun that’s been backcombed before you pull it up to ensure plenty of volume. No matter how you pull it up, if your hair has some natural curl to it, be sure to let some pieces escape and form little ringlets around your face, ears, and neck.

Neon Eye Shadow  - Subtle eye shadow is for everyday wear. When it comes to a prom, pull out all the stops and put on some neon eye shadow and the lights from the dance floor will highlight your eyes all night long. If your dress is a bright color, try matching it with your shadow, or if it’s more neutral, like white, silver or black, go for broke and pick the wildest neon color you can find — even green or orange can work. Just be sure not to wear a lipstick or blush that contrasts too much.

Braid Crowns - Instead of wearing a tiara or headband, why not wear a braid across the crown of your head? Not only will it save you the trouble of finding a hair accessory, but it will also keep your hair out of the way for any epic dancing you plan to do. It also lends an air of elegance and girlishness that will please your parents and look great with almost any style of dress you choose.

Thick, Over-the-top Eyelashes - While you can certainly paste on the false eyelashes, they’re bound to get sweaty if you do a good amount of dancing. Instead, get crazy, thick lashes just by increasing the volume of the lashes you were born with. Start with a heated eyelash curler (use your blow dryer to warm the metal, but be careful not to get it too hot) to get lashes up and at the ready. Then, pile on a thick coat of mascara. After it’s dried, add another layer. Repeat until you’ve got eyelashes that can be spotted at 100 feet.

Hair Bows - When it comes to a hair bow, go big or go home. Whether you put it at the front of a bun, or at the end of a braid, a large hair bow is a great accessory for homecoming. That’s especially true if your cute, dreamy prom dress also has bows on it.

Matching Nails and Eyes - While there’s no guarantee your date will notice, matching your nail color to your eye shadow color creates a classy look that your girlfriends are sure to love. From deep reds and maroons to plums and lilacs, let the colors you wear be one more accessory in your perfect prom look.

Embrace Your Curls - Forget that straight iron for just one night. If you’ve got natural curl, prom is a perfect excuse to let it loose in all its glory. Whether you wear it all the way down or pull up one side for a sweeping look, embrace your curls by letting them be exactly as they want to be — unruly and outrageous.

Super-Red Lips - Red is not just for fire engines, tricycles, and wagons. It’s actually one of the most seminal colors in lipstick, and big events like prom are a perfect time to go for the kind of super-red lips that stop others in their tracks. Regardless of what color your dress is, making your mouth extra red is bound to look good, so long as you buy a high-quality lip liner and stick so there won’t be any unfortunate smudging throughout the night.

Proms only happen a couple of times in your life. So, make it count. Find a dress you love, and whether you go with friends or the date of your dreams, stick to these eight tips, and you’ll create an unforgettable look.

Article provided by Rissy Roos.