Love Advice 101


Hi I am Erica, welcome to my blog that I hope inspires you! It will touch on friendships, ways to be happier and help you strive for a healthy physical, emotional and social balance in your life.

Love Advice 101

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Ah love! It can be one of the most heartbreaking, gut wrenching, wonderful, blissful feelings that we just cannot seem to live without. As some of our Facebook statuses vouch, “it’s complicated”. In my lifetime, love has felt like a rollercoaster ride-one minute I’m on top of the world, untouchable and the next I’m being slammed down to reality at a lightning speed rate. Picking yourself up off the pavement and walking onward is the tough part that makes you a stronger person. I haven’t always made the best choices in love, but I did always listen to my heart. As cheesy as that may sound, your inner voice, intuition, whatever you want to call it, has a lot to say and is pretty damn smart if you actually listen. I wouldn’t take back the tears shed, the breakups or the breakdowns because each of these relationships taught me an important lesson about myself and has shaped who I am today. Like, how I learned to never put up with dating an A-hole. What’s the point? So, he can cheat on you and make you cry and feel like crap? Um, no. The diamond boys in the rough might take a bit longer to discover, but there are some pretty amazing guys out there. So, be patient and don’t settle! Once you exit the roller coaster ride and feel your feet (and heart) on solid ground..that’s when you know you have met the Right One. At least for the moment. :)

So, what does a healthy relationship look like? We’ve seen some pretty heinous examples on tv and in the media from Ronnie & Sammie (Jersey Shore) to Jax & Stassi (Vanderpump Rules). WARNING-Whatever you do, DO NOT follow their example. If you know what a healthy relationship entails and have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a guy, you will be ahead of the game. Most girls go into relationships blindly, meaning they have no idea what qualities are important to them. Instead, they set their sights on the cute boy, the popular boy or the one who gives them attention. Figure out what’s actually important to YOU. Kindness, humor, intelligence etc. So, get out your pens, ladies, and start your list!

Recipe for Lasting Love

I believe there are 3 main ingredients that make for a lasting relationship.

#1. Attraction –Chemistry, A spark, Butterflies

#2. Friendship-You enjoy each other’s company and personalities 

#3. Commitment-Respect, Trust  

When you have all three, it’s a recipe for success! So, you want to look for a guy that you'd be fine with making out with for hours, who laughs at those stupid things you do, and who is happy to commit to you and only you.

We can't know 100% when we meet someone if the relationship will last foreva or be drama-free, but once someone is giving you signs that they're not who you thought or if you spend more time fighting then laughing, be strong enough to move on, sister. XO

Much Love,