Keeping Secrets From Mom


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Keeping Secrets From Mom

Dear GZ Advisor,

So I know this guy and him and I text sometimes, and i like him as a friend. My mom doesn't know and im afraid to tell her. This is where it gets complicated: I go to an all girls school, and my mom would be asking where i met him. And here is complication number 2: I met him cause this girl texted him from my phone and my mom would think that is a little inappropriate. In other words she would probably take my phone away and things could get ugly in-between her and his family cause i live in a really small town. So everyone basically knows everyone. So the thing is I really want to hangout with him sometimes, but what would I tell my mom where im going?

Please please please help, IZZY

Hi Izzy,

I know you're going to immediately shut this idea down, but hear me out. Why not try talking to your mom and telling her you would like to have guy friends. She may say no to dating, but maybe she would be okay with you having guy friends. You can start by telling her that some of the girls at school have some friends that you would like to get to know. I feel that honesty is always best because once you break your mom's trust, it's really hard to rebuild. Also, the guilt and fear that comes with lying isn't worth it.

GZ Advisor