It occupies brand new southern area part of the Korean peninsula

It occupies brand new southern area part of the Korean peninsula

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Southern Korea, nation into the Eastern China. The country try bordered by Popular Man’s Republic out-of Korea (Northern Korea) to your north, the latest Eastern Sea (Water out of The japanese) on east, the fresh new East China Ocean to the south, and Red Ocean on the west; on the southern part of it’s broke up in the Japanese isle regarding Tsushima because of the Korea Strait. Southern area Korea accounts for 45 % of the peninsula’s house city. The capital are Seoul (Soul).

Southern Korea face North Korea across the a great demilitarized area (DMZ) dos.5 miles (cuatro kilometer) large that was founded from the regards to the new 1953 armistice one to concluded assaulting regarding the Korean Conflict (1950–53). New DMZ, and that runs for approximately 150 kilometers (240 kilometres), constitutes the fresh new 1953 army quit-flames line and roughly observe latitude 38° N (the brand new 38th synchronous) on throat of your own Han Lake towards the western shore of your own Korean peninsula to help you a tiny southern area of North Korean city of Kosong toward east shore.


Geologically, Southern area Korea is made up for the highest element of Precambrian stones (i.age., more from the 540 billion yrs . old) particularly stone and you will gneiss. The world is actually mountainous, with small valleys and narrow coastal flatlands. Brand new T’aebaek Mountains run in around a northern-southern recommendations along the eastern shore and you will northward toward North Korea, forming the country’s drainage divide. From their store numerous mountain range branch off with an excellent northeast-southwestern positioning. Initial of them are the Sobaek Slopes, and therefore undulate during the an extended S-figure across the peninsula. None of Southern Korea’s mountains are extremely high: this new T’aebaek Slopes come to a level of 5,604 legs (step one,708 metres) in the Attach Sorak in the northeast, while the Sobaek Hills visited six,283 foot (step 1,915 yards) within Install Chiri. The highest peak within the Southern area Korea, the newest extinct volcano Attach Halla towards Cheju Island, was 6,398 feet (step one,950 metres) a lot more than sea-level.

Southern area Korea have a few eruptive isles-Cheju (Jeju), from the peninsula’s southern area tip, and you will Ullung, regarding the 85 kilometers (140 km) eastern of your own mainland on East Water-and you may a little-scale lava plateau inside the Kangwon state. While doing so, Southern Korea says and you will takes up several rocky islets-recognized variously as Liancourt Rocks, Tok (Dok) Isles (Korean), or take Islands (Japanese)-certain 55 kilometers (85 kilometres) southeast from Ullung Island; these islets have already been said by the Japan.

You can find fairly extensive lowlands across the all the way down components of the latest nation’s fundamental rivers. The eastern coastline is relatively straight, while brand new western and southern keeps extremely difficult ria (we.e., creek-indented) coastlines with lots of isles. The shallow Red Ocean and also the complex Korean shore establish you to of the most noticable tidal differences in the nation-regarding 30 feet (nine metres) limit at the Inch’on (Incheon), the fresh entryway port to own Seoul.


Southern area Korea’s three principal canals, the fresh new Han, Kum, and you can Naktong, all the possess their present throughout the T’aebaek Hills, and move within range ahead of entering the lowland plains. Nearly all the nation’s rivers move westward or southward with the often new Red Sea or even the East Asia Water; never assume all small, quick rivers drain eastward about T’aebaek Mountains. The fresh new Naktong Lake, South Korea’s longest, operates southward to have 325 miles (523 kilometres) on the Korea Strait. Streamflow is extremely varying, getting most readily useful during the damp summer season and you may much less in the seemingly lifeless winter months.


Much of Southern Korea’s earth be a consequence of stone and gneiss. Sandy and you may brownish-colored earth are, and tend to be basically well-leached and now have nothing humus posts. Podzolic earth (ash-grey forest grounds), through the cold of the a lot of time winter months, can be found regarding the highlands.


The number one impact on the new weather of your own Korean peninsula was their distance toward main Asian landmass. This supplies brand new noted june-cold temperatures temperature extremes away from an excellent continental weather while also setting-up brand new northeast Far-eastern monsoons (seasonal winds) which affect precipitation patterns. The latest yearly set of weather is higher from the northern and during the indoor aspects of the brand new peninsula than in the newest south and you can across the coast, reflecting the newest cousin reduction in continental affects on the latter components.

Southern Korea’s weather is described as a cool, apparently dead cold weather and you may a hot, humid summer. The newest coldest average month-to-month heat in the cold weather miss less than cold but over the southern area shore. The average January heat during the Seoul is within the low twenties °F (regarding ?5 °C), while the associated average on Pusan (Busan), to your the southern area of coast, is within the middle-30s °F (regarding the 2 °C). By comparison, summer temperatures is apparently uniform across the country, the average monthly temperature to possess August (the latest warmest times) staying in the newest highest 1970s °F (regarding 25 °C).

Yearly rain range from about 35 so you can sixty ins (900 to at least one,five hundred mm) toward mainland. Taegu, into eastern coast, ‘s the driest city, just like the southern coast ‘s the wettest; south Cheju Isle receives over 70 in (1,800 mm) annually. Doing about three-fifths of your annual rain was obtained for the Summer–August, in summer monsoon, the new yearly shipments getting way more even yet in the ultimate southern. Sometimes, late-june typhoons (exotic cyclones) end up in hefty baths and you will storms along the south coastline. Precipitation in wintertime drops mostly as snow, with the heaviest numbers going on about T’aebaek Slopes. The frost-free seasons selections of 170 weeks regarding north highlands in order to over 240 months on the Cheju Isle.