How To Survive V-Day Single! <3


Hey! I'm Lisa :) Sports and music are my life. I've survived middle school and I am now making my way though the crazy high school world. I would love to share my fun, emotional, and eye opening journey with you!

How To Survive V-Day Single! <3

On Valentines day there are three possible mindsets that girls have.

1) Omg, I cant wait to see what my boyfriend is going to get me! ~ excited

2) Well, I hope my friends get me something or someone has a crush on me. ~ hope

3) I hate this day, I'm forever single, I hate everyone who gets something because I'm getting nothing. ~ dreading the day.

If you fall under that 1st category, lucky you! Comment below what the bae got you :) <3  If you fall under the other two. This is for you!

Here are 2 way to survive a SINGLE Valentines day <3

1) HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE~ I cant stress this enough! If you go into the day with a negative attitude you will never enjoy yourself! and that goes for everything! If you fall under a 3 raise it up to a 2 and be positive! If you are a 2, you rock that 2 and go out and get your friends something! lol have fun and do you!

2) HANGOUT WITH OTHER SINGLE FRIENDS~ If you’re single and your friend is single, be each others date! Nothing is better than spending quality time with a bestie. Instead of feeling alone that day, go out with friends!

In the end, Valentine's Day is about spending the day with someone you care about. Whether that is your boyfriend or your bestfriend, have a good day and let your loved ones know you care.

                                                                                   ~Lisa <3