How to Keep Your Prom Memories Between Friends


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How to Keep Your Prom Memories Between Friends

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Prom 2013 is here and most girls are focusing on finding the perfect dress, the cutest date, and the best after-party.  But in our social sharing age, today’s prom celebrants should also be thinking about how to keep all the special moments of the night between friends.  

Of course, parents will come and take a million pictures beforehand, but with all the smart phones in every teenager’s possession these days, prom-goers will undoubtedly be texting and sharing photos and video clips of the dance and the after-party online.  Unfortunately, what can seem like harmless clips of the student body president doing the Gangnam-style dance, though, can have potentially negative consequences if allowed to live forever on social media sites.

Making lifetime memories is an important part of the rite of passage that is prom, but being careful about what is posted online can help students avoid the disaster that ensues when a potential boss or college professor finds potentially embarrassing images online – or simply embarrasses or hurts the feelings of your fellow students.

That said, here are three ideas to make sure that your amazing prom memories stay private and secure:

 3 Tips for Keeping Your Prom Memories Private:

1. Deactivate your Facebook page until you have time to go through tagged pictures

While you can’t control the pictures or videos that other people take, you can monitor what is allowed to be posted on your personal Facebook page. It’s really easy to deactivate your Facebook the day of prom until the next day when you can scour carefully through the pictures and make sure you aren’t tagged in anything that might be embarrassing.

2. Discuss online sharing with your friends

During your prom night celebration, some friends might not understand why you would want to keep a video of you and your date making out on the limo ride home private, so communication is key. Remind them that with most video sharing apps, these videos can still be retrieved and that becoming a YouTube celebrity is not in your career plan.

3. Use an App - Share friend-to-friend rather than friend-to-world

Apps like ZipaClip allows users to send and receive free fully-secured texts and video clips up to 30 seconds in length to another friend using the app. The app also allows users to recall a video or text at any time with the “ZipBack” feature so that it can no longer be viewed, read or shared by any of the recipients. In addition, unlike other video sharing apps, all content is viewable only "app-to-app" and cannot be shared or accessed on any web site.

ZipaClip is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and can be downloaded online  or in the App Store.

Overall, think twice about what you’re putting online this prom season and always remember to share responsibly!

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