How Does She Do It?!


Hi! My name is Julia Schemmer - I am sixteen participate in several clubs as well as volunteer actively four days a week. I consider myself a "Surplus Striver" because everyday I am learning more and more about what it takes to have excellence in every area of my life. Follow my blog for insights into my daily life, my journey into surplus, and my preparation to become an international human rights lawyer in India and the Middle East.

How Does She Do It?!

When people hear that I participate in over ten clubs, four AP and honors classes, write for several blogs and magazines, and volunteer four days a week, the most common response is, “HOW do you do it all?”

What I want people to realize is that participating in all these things is not for everybody. I took an honest analysis of how much I could handle, and for me, I have a high multitasking rate of being able to focus on several things with excellence.  You don’t have to participate in nineteen clubs like I do, and I’m not writing this article inspiring you to overwhelm yourself. My main goal is to help you realize your personal area of giftedness and different ways you can use these gifts for world change and empowerment.

I joined all these activities not because colleges told me to or people pressured me into doing so, but rather because I wanted to learn about new ways of culture as well as meet people I wouldn’t usually come across. If you want to be more culturally aware, my best advice to you is to take up a new language or find people that speak a different language. This year, my friend ChenDanni created a Chinese Culture Club at our school since she is of Chinese heritage, and as a result, I have learned so much about Chinese language and culture.

The biggest way I am able to handle all of my activities is through not procrastinating. Many of my teachers give homework sheets ahead of time making it easier to stay on top of my assignments and obligations. I’m not sure if your teachers give out semester homework lists, but it always helps to ask.  Typically, I do one week’s worth of homework assignments over the weekend, so I don’t have to worry about not being able to complete an assignment. This also gives me more time to study and ask for questions when I need it. Staying on top of schoolwork before it is due makes room to do more activities.

 Another way I manage stress is by pouring my frustrations into exercise. Working out releases hormones that make you feel happier, and is a healthy way of reliving stress that may arise from lack of sleep or time to finish a project.  Yoga is a form of relaxation that exercises your whole body.  Deriving from India and the Middle East, yoga allows you to feel tranquil in the most hostile environment.

Finally, my faith motivates me to do the impossible.  Many are motivated by the future; however, I constantly pour myself out to others because of my faith in God. Philippians 4:13 says,” I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” Knowing that I can achieve my goals because of my faith in Christ allows me to live a life I would have never imagined before.

Overall my life may be busy, but it’s also reflective. Inspiring, yet human. Ambitious, yet realistic. Find what you love to do, do it with all of your heart, and you’ll see amazing results.  My story is still being written, but with every chapter and adventure I complete, I can see my happily ever after coming into place.