High School Worries


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High School Worries

nervous teenage girl - Girl Zone

Dear GZ Advisor,

Next year I'm going to High School. I'm terrified. Yes, we get more time between classes, the teachers are cooler, and sports are cracka-lacking! But...the social aspect has me spooked. I am consistently afraid of being left in the dust by my friends, and losing myself to try and fit in. I am naturallly a very conscious person and have a lot of perspectives on things, so I'm hoping that I'll have enough "voices" in my head to help me. This year in 8th grade, I really found out who my friends are and hopefully they stay true. If they don't I'll squash them. Hahahaha just kidding but seriously I'll be upset. I'm not worried about the grades or changing in gym, but the clique thing gives me jitters. Hope this helps people? I don't know what this is for exactly...
Thanks,   Hannah

Hey Hannah!

Awesome question that will definitely help a ton of other girls worried about the same thing. Making and keeping friends and finding your place you fit in is a huge part of high school. I think the fact that you are already thinking about the type of person you want to be is a great first step to prepare yourself. You won't be swayed as easily to give in to peer pressure of any kind if you have your own beliefs, values and perspectives. Start writing in a journal about what's important to you and what traits are necessary for you and your friends to uphold. For instance, if you don't want to be a follower when girls bully other girls, think about how you would handle a situation like that. Or if some new friends offer you a cigarette or a beer, how will you respond? Talk about these scenerios with a trusted adult. You sound like a smart girl, so have some more confiedence in yourself. :) We can't see into the future, but you just have to know that you are strong enough to make it through any challenge that presents itself. There will be some friend drama-thats a part of growing up and figuring out relationships. These experiences are great learning lessons. Lean on friends, family, teachers and school counselors to get you through the rough patches. You're gonna do great girl!

GZ Advisor



Just be yourself! ♥ ☆ ♡★

Just be yourself and see what happens. If you make lots of friends in high school gr8, if not, then there's always college where most (all) the kids will be mature, some might already be married and have a baby, another might work at the local bar, and some might be the genius scientist who created time travel (going forward & backward in different time periods) I'd usually be considered the last one, especially compared to kids at my school who are way slow. But just be nice, and let the friends come to you instead of stalking one particular popular girl (which I remember doing at 8, so don't ever do that)

Bye. Your future Girls Zone Advisor.