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Hello Girl Zone! This is Girl Talk ---

Hey this is Sofia from This is Gírl Talk and I want to talk to you having fun. People usually assume to have fun you have to blow a ton of money, but here's where I come in. I'm a person who loves to shop so I never have any money left if I want to go out with my friends. No matter where you live you can always find some activity to do for little to no money, and trust me on this, it's a life saver! 

This one might sound a tad bit childish but if you live near a park, go to the park! Nothing is more fun than going on the swing or sliding down slides. Personally I LOVE going on the swings, it just feels like I'm flying and no one can put me down. Swings are all about how high can you go or how far you can twist the chains. 

Another good thing to do is Netflix. Netflix! I LOVE Netflix! It's great affordable and if you and your friends are always home then it's perfect! I believe it's about $8 but you would have to ask your parents first. It's phenomenal, you get to watch all these shows and movies for just $8 a month! Sadly not every t.v. show or movie is on there but there are so many that it really doesn't matter. They have old movies such as The Brave Little Toaster to something brand new like The Hunger Games. 

One other thing that I can think of that you guys HAVE to try is to ask your best friends over and try to learn a language! This is one of the best things you can so with your friends because it's something that only you guys have. It's fun and you'll have a blast! My friends and I are still learning sign language together, and it's the best. In school we can talk to each other with out getting in troubled, also we can say what ever we want and no body knows. Mostly my friends and I say very strange things to each other in public in sign language and just start cracking up. One because of the looks people give us and two the looks the people give us because they think we were talking about them. It's a lot of fun!

There's millions of things you can do; knit, play board games (probably not Monopoly), play a sport with friends, go to the library (love doing this), etc. Next time you don't know what to do because you don't have any money just remember you don't need money to have fun! This is Sofía and I hope this helped, and check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ThisIsGirlTalk  


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