Heading for the Hills: Packing Tips for Ski Trips


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Heading for the Hills: Packing Tips for Ski Trips

New to skiing? Here’s some things that you need to be aware. One of the most important elements of any type of travel is packing. If you don't pack right, your trip to paradise can turn into an excursion to the dark side. Wrapping your head around the entire experience can be somewhat overwhelming. Make your first trip as non-stressful has possible with these essential packing tips.



If you are a beginner, wait until you arrive at the resort to rent some of the equipment such as skis, snowboard, boots and helmets. According to Mark Warner, all of this type of equipment can be rented at any ski resort. A professional can aid you to ensure proper fit, and to make sure that you have proper instruction.

The most common complaint of novice skiers is cold feet, sore feet or poor circulation in the feet. This is caused by not wearing the correct boot size. Your ski boots should allow you to have wiggle room for your toes. The boot should not be so large that you are able to move your feet from side to side; this type of movement will reduce your ability to control your skis. Conventional socks will not suffice in the snow. Pack some heavy duty wool socks.

Make sure that you have an equipment checklist. Definitely include a rucksack, helmet, wrist guards and water bottle. Be safe and bring your own first aid kit. Although it will be cold, preparing for the sun will also determine your level of comfort on this trip. Goggles are great or something as simple as a pair of sunglasses can make a difference.



Snow melts and the potential of getting wet is extremely high. Pack some thick waterproof bottoms and tops to protect you from getting wet. Make sure that your clothing sizes are large enough to allow you to layer your clothing.

You will also want a good thick ski jacket. With snowboarding, you will want to have a snow jacket that covers your rear. If not you will end up with a very wet derriere.

You don’t want cold hands. Make sure that you pack waterproof ski gloves. If not, your hands will get wet and they will become extremely cold. Also pack several pair of thermal tops and bottoms to wear underneath your waterproof gear. Pack a hat that is capable of covering your ears or bring along earmuffs.

For a more comprehensive packing check list for your ski trip, you can visit Real Simple. It would be a good idea to contact the ski resort that you are visiting to ask them for packing tips as well. All ski gear listed available at Amazon.


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