Go Green For The Spring!


What can you do in your life to improve the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and influence other teens and adults in your world? Check out these stories, tips and resources.

Go Green For The Spring!

Go green this Spring and help create a healthier environment for everyone. The constant use of energy has led to increasing problems that affect our daily lives such as greenhouse gas emissions, the depletion of fossil fuels and ultimately global warming. You can help change the outcome by incorporating energy-saving practices into your everyday routine.

Greenhouse gases are gases that absorb and trap heat in the atmosphere. Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions play a huge role in the abundance of greenhouse gases accumulating in the Earth’s atmosphere. This includes the burning of some fossil fuels which aids in their exhaustion. Electrical and non-electrical uses of energy in the form of commercial, industrial and transportation uses result in large amounts of carbon dioxide emission as well. Lastly, non-fossil fuels and human made gases, such as aerosols (hairsprays) exhibit the greenhouse effect too. The results of these gases lead to an imbalance in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing pollution, global warming and other hazardous side effects. Global warming- or climate change due to temperature rises- has become significantly more prevalent in recent years. Although many factors play into climate change, the excessive energy consumption is a key factor.


While this information might seem insignificant to you while thinking about the entire Earth, every small acts can help reduce and prevent further damage to our ecosystem. Here are some ways you can get involved right now:

-Turn off the lights when you are not in the room

-Unplug appliances, computers and lights when not using them

-Take shorter showers

-Use your car less; walk, ride your bike or use public transportation

-Ditch the plastic and buy your own reusable water bottle

-Buy your own reusable coffee/tea mug


-Plant a tree

-Encourage your family to switch to energy-saving light bulbs

-Hang-dry your clothes 

-Print less paper (or at least double sided)

-Buy reusable grocery bags

Our culture is dependent on fossil fuels, transportation, electricity and many other high energy expenditures, but you can help make a difference! Encourage your family and friends to partake in the movement. Check out some of the organizations listed on GZ Resources.