Girls Who Program


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Girls Who Program

By Dana Knopp

What is a “brogrammer” anyway? A “brogrammer” is a guy in the programming/developing field who is very much into “bro” culture; kind of like a frat boy in college except for they’ve graduated. While there is still a very male dominated culture, recently more and more girls are entering the industry and changing things. And lots of companies really want to include gender equality in their culture. Many females are taking the industry by storm and proving that they can be just as successful as their male counterparts. Lots of women have been really successful, and there is more encouragement and opportunity for girls to enter this field too. This can be a really fun and profitable career path because there are so many job opportunities! A programmer/developer is someone who works with computer software and coding. Check out these sites/companies that are offering lots of ways for you to get involved:

Square is a revolutionary company that has taken a great interest in high school and college women interested in the field of science. They have announced a program called “Code Camp” in which the main goal is for young women to attend workshops and mentoring sessions in order to educate them and encourage them to enter a career in the engineering or technology field. This is a really great opportunity for young girls to see what a career in the science industry is all about and a great addition to a resume as well as a way to gain invaluable experience and knowledge from professionals. Another cool website to check out is called where you can explore different careers and exciting new opportunities.

What about young girls you know? Little sisters, cousins, young girls you babysit for? How can you be part of this changing culture? There have been a lot of unique games and activities for much younger girls interested in the sciences. Often girls that you may babysit play with girly dolls and princess toys. One company called Goldie Blox is trying to change that. Goldie Blox makes games specifically aimed at young girls and incorporates engineering principles and concepts. According to their website, only 11% of the engineers worldwide are women and Goldie Blox is looking to change that. They build fun games for girls in order to inspire future engineers. These exciting games are sure to inspire and educate any young girl!


Another company that is looking to break free from the typical male stereotype is Lego. They have recently finally released a female scientist character. This is very exciting and a lot of young girls can look forward to relating to a female scientist much more then they could relate to a male scientist.

With all these new toys and programs aimed specifically at young girls, it is of no surprise that more and more girls are entering scientific fields such as engineering or mathematics. There are so many pros to starting a career in this industry. These types of jobs are really in demand and offer job security as well as one of the highest paying jobs right out of college. This is very exciting and definitely proves that girls are just as capable of achieving their dreams if they put in the hard work!