Girls, STEM and taking over the world: Carving a way into the tech world


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Girls, STEM and taking over the world: Carving a way into the tech world

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by Sudha Sruthi 

The proportion of women in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fields – only makes up a meager proportion compared to women in other areas of work today. According to the New York Times article “The Women Tech Forgot,” women earned 37 percent of computer science undergraduate degrees in 1985. By 2010, that number had fallen by half.

However, the global society we live in today pushes women to thrive in a changing world- changes in social standards and constitutional rights support girls to go to college, earn a professional degrees and more. Some examples are Yahoo’s CEO Marisa Mayer, who graduated with honours from Stanford, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Symbolic Systems and a Master’s in Computer Science. She then went to Google as its first female engineer and on to Yahoo to become, at 37, the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Other such women are Margaret Whitman, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) one of the biggest suppliers of hardware, software and services in the world.

 Another notable woman is Virginia Rometty, who graduated from Northwestern University with the highest degree honors in computer science and electrical engineering and is currently the CEO of International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation; one of the largest STEM based companies in the world.

These women are dominating the industries with their powerful personalities, ambition and hard work in common. If you are interested in pursuing technology, engineering and other STEM-related science some good programs to get involved with includes GirlStart, they are a nonprofit (STEM educational organization dedicated to empowering and equipping girls in STEM through year-round educational programming and activities. Such organizations help you fit your interests into science!

Similarly, other organizations in the same industry help raise awareness by having expos and seminars to get communities and parents involved such as GirlsWhoCode who team up with celebrities like Mindy Kaling from “The Mindy Project” to raise awareness through hosting summer camps based on web design, astronomy, forensic science, medicine, digital video production, and more engaging topics for girls to explore, and run various afterschool programs and interactive site loaded with programs to help induce inspiration. Some organizations offer scholarships and grants for college tuition for girls interested in science and technology.

I urge each and every single one of you out there to challenge the society and stereotypes. I believe our inner learners can guide each one of us to innovate a basic idea, question the unquestioned and seek more answers. You have the power to change the world for the better – go forth! 

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