Girls Night In: Fun Chick Flicks


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Girls Night In: Fun Chick Flicks

I don’t think there’s anything quite like a girl’s night for cementing friendships. It doesn’t take much, either – just some good company, a few laughs, and a stack of movies made especially for us ladies. For me, hanging out together for laughs is what friendship is all about. Chilling out while enjoying films with your friends is the stuff of fond memories. So, here are my favorite chick flicks, ideal for sharing fun times and friendship together. Have your friends bring their favorite movie snack to share – after all, this is your night to let your hair down, but don’t forget to keep the tissues nearby – tears of joy and inspiration will be shed.  



Heartbreaker (2010)

Don’t let this foreign film scare you, because this one translates well in any language! Starring Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis, the long-time partner of Johnny Depp, it’s filled with non-stop laughs to add to the fun of any girl party! Imagine being in the business of breaking up relationships - that’s what Alex (Duris) does for a living, with the help of his sister.

When he’s hired by the father of a bride-to-be, with the job of breaking up her impending marriage, Alex may finally have stumbled upon a woman he isn’t able to win over. Although he’s a lady’s man in every respect, Alex can’t seem to capture the heart of this beautiful girl, who is played by Paradis. Yet his attempts are absolutely clever and delightful, even when they backfire.  

This fun film is the perfect movie for girlfriends to enjoy together. Add some popcorn, candy, and plenty of other snacks to this gem of a film and you have yourself the perfect girl’s movie night! Try to catch it on TV Local soon!


Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

When Diane Lane decides to leave the United States for Tuscany, her life isn’t filled with fun or fancy. Recently divorced, Lane’s character, a brilliant writer, decides to leave her old life behind and start a new life in Italy. The movie is a wonderful inspiration for anyone who is going through a break up or is starting fresh, or even those who are thinking of changing up their lives by simply by moving far away. For whatever reason your life is in flux, this movie can give you a sense of hope and faith in the uncertain future.

Though she’s knocked down, this brave and determined woman decides to fix up an old villa in need of repairs. Add to that a cast of quirky characters, and you have a captivating reminder that you’re never too old or too jaded to fall in love again. Filled with breathtaking scenery, and moments both comic and poignant, Under the Tuscan Sun is a memorable film and, in my humble opinion, one of Lane’s best!


Where the Heart Is (2000)

Starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd, this movie is ideal for ladies who want something uplifting and unforgettable to watch together. Natalie Portman plays Novalee, a girl from a trailer park who gets stranded in Oklahoma by a deadbeat boyfriend at a Wal-Mart. She also happens to be at the end of her pregnancy. How does someone with nearly nothing become someone with everything? That’s where this film takes women when they watch it. Be prepared for a memorable and inspirational journey through life’s triumphs and challenges. Yet with strength of character and a willingness to find her way, Novalee finds everything, in spite of the crushing hard times.


I know these memorable and touching chick flicks will make your movie night spectacular. You’ll like your movies nights together so much, you’re bound to plan and enjoy many, many more! Be sure to stock up on the snacks, beverages and tissues, too. Do you need some more movies ideas for your next movie night? Add these to your viewing schedule: Dangerous Liaisons, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Pretty Woman, Legally Blonde, Dirty Dancing, Clueless, the Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, Maid in Manhattan, Emma, Never Been Kissed, Moonstruck, Sixteen Candles, the Runaways, the English Patient, the Women, Love Actually, and Sliding Doors.


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