Getting Period


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Getting Period

Dear GZ Advisor,
I am 13 and I haven't started my period yet. I am the only person in my class who hasn't started and I feel left out because all they talk about is having your periods and sex.
Signed, Katie

Dear Katie,
I can understand why you feel left out if all of the girls in your class have started their periods. Girls and women usually start menstruating anywhere between the ages of 9 and 18, so there are lots of girls your age who haven't started their periods yet. The body changes that you'll experience during puberty will take place when the time is right for your body (and no one else's).

That's part of what makes you unique.

If you still feel unsure about this issue, talk to a woman you trust. Can you talk to your mom? An aunt? A teacher or school counselor?

With respect to the constant conversations about periods and sex, you might try introducing some other topics you think the girls in your class might be interested in. Anything talked about too much gets boring after awhile!

For more questions on your body, Ask Ms. KnowBODY!

Take care, GZ Advisor