Gay Marriage


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Gay Marriage

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If you saw the VMA's, you might have saw Macklemore  say "Gay rights are Human rights, there is no separation." Which is what inspired me to write this!

     Hey it's Sofia from This is Gírl Talk and I want to talk to you about homosexuality. I know that this is a sensitive topic, and has caused all this drama but why? I want to now why someone's happiness can cause other people so much pain. I don't understand the whole debate on a girl liking a girl or a boy liking a boy. Who gets to tell someone they can not date or like someone because "it's a sin" or "it repulses" someone. Who cares? If someone wants to live their life like that, then why does it matter to you? 
     Ever since gay marriage became legal, this hatred towards gay people has decreased quite a bit. Yet, some people are still obsessed about getting rid of that law. 
Around the 12th century, the word "gay" was born, yet it was born in England. Back then the word was defined as "joyful", "carefree", or "bright and showy". Growing up I never heard the word "gay" until I hit Jr. High. People now and days use the word gay like they use the word stupid.
     Another thing that bothers me is that through out our history marriage has always had some problem. Before the year 1967 interracial marriage was illegal. Can you believe that? Before the year 1967 African Americans and Caucasians could not get legally married.
     Why you ask? Well it all started with slavery. White women couldn't marry a slave or they shall become a slave themselves. With someone of Asian decent, their culture was very strict about only dating someone who is of Asian decent, if not it was forbidden. 
     To me I think it's the same thing that happened back them. But now that gay marriage has been legalized I hope people would stop being so judge mental and start excepting it. The more people who start excepting it the better our society will be. 
     Thanks everyone who read my little history lesson! Also, go to our page
But I hope you take what I said to consideration! 
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