Friend Problems


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Friend Problems

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Dear GZ Advisor,

I don’t know how to say this but I made a couple of friends at the beginning of the school year but a conflict came in between us and we haven’t seen each other since. the conficlt is now gone and sometimes i feel like i wanna hang out with them again because i miss them and ive got no one. though i dont know if they'll want me around. i dont know what to do and i hate being alone. please help me make the right decision. thank you.  Xena

Hello Xena,

Why not be the bigger person and make the first move? Maybe ask if you can meet up to talk and apologize. You'll never know if you don't try. If they're true friends, they will be willing to forgive and move forward. If not, then I suggest you join some school clubs or sports and try to make new friends. Let me know how it goes!


Dear GZ Advisor

So I really need some advice about this girl I know. Two years ago we were best friends, and we did everything together. She's absolutely gorgeous, and I hate to say it, but from the beginning of our friendship I guess I was always a little jealous. Anyways, she started getting wrapped up in all the guy attention, and we drifted because I felt like, as a Christian girl, I didn't want her dragging me down all the time, making me filled with envy. And she started wearing tighter shirts and shorter skirts and cursing regularly. Now she talks bad about me and I don't know what to do about it. I just want to get away from all of it. What should I do?  Swimgirl

Hey Swimgirl,

I know it’s hard to be friends with a girl who is beautiful and getting all the attention, something you might wish you had. I actually can relate because I had a friend exactly like this when I was in high school. I know it’s tough, but it teaches a great lesson to not compare yourself to others. If you do, you’ll never be truly happy. Someone will always be smarter, more athletic, funnier, etc. You will drive yourself crazy comparing! So, why not just smile about all the great things about yourself and build your confidence. Honestly, that is the most beautiful thing of all and others will be sure to take notice.

As Christians, we are taught to not judge others, so although you may not agree with her choices maybe you could call for a truce? Being civil might stop the gossiping behind your back and bring some peace. Good Luck Swimgirl!

GZ Advisor


Dear GZ Advisor,

I have had trouble with friends lately. first i have a good friend then they change just like that. and they get really annoying and join the popular group. so now i feel like i'm friendless and alone all the time what should i do?   Lauren

Dear Lauren,
Having trouble with friends is something everyone goes through, even the popular students.  Firstly know that you're not alone.  A lot of people change, especially as they go through school and meet new people and find new interests.  Some people grow apart, and that doesn't have to be a reflection on you. 
If you feel like you're alone, I would encourage you to join some new after school activities and clubs.  This is a great way to meet new people, and bond with people you may not have know very well before.  This could open up a lot of new opportunities and friendships for you!
Sincerely, GZ Advisor


Dear GZ Advisor

I have a question/comment. So one of my best friends told me that she doesn't wanna be me friend anymore. She said that she's changed since our childhood and finds different things she wants in a friend, apparently I don't fit and she won't tell me because somebody always seems to interupt right when I'm about to ask. She has been giving me hints and I ignored them, she won't sit me, but she'll anyplace to sit with my only other close friend in our and try to exclude me in EVERYTHING. How am I supposed to hang out with my other if my Ex-friend keeps on hogging her and won't let me near her? Also she doesn't wanna be friend because
A. She thinks that I do wierd stuff with one of my guy friends who is also my crush
B. I hate  her twin brother's guts because her brother was bullying my crush and she knew it, but she backed her brother. Her brother even spilled C-milk on me, he lied to an 8th grade teacher, and I almost got in trouble for it. I HATE WHEN THEY TRY TO BLAME ME FOR EVERY FREAKIN' THING THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From, Danielle

Dear Danielle,

It's always tough having a falling out with one friend in a group of three.  If you want to remain friends with the other girl in your group, I'd recommend talking with her and being honest.  Chances are she's noticed that you and the other friend are having a falling out and doesn't want to pick sides.  You could tell her that although you and your other friend have been distant lately, your friendship with her means a lot to you and you really don't want to lose it.  Hopefully she will appreciate your honesty and agree.  You could make plans just the two of you OUTSIDE of school so that the other friend can't intervene.  My only caution is to not bad mouth one friend while you're with the other, you don't know if that could get back to her and it would make everything a lot harder.  Just be careful and don't try and "steal" your mutual friend like she is, that would just be stooping to her level.

I hope it works out!

GZ Advisor
Dear GZ Advisor,

 I have a friend that always gets me in trouble when i hang out with her. When she had a boyfriend she just ignored me and made me feel horrible. She makes me laugh and listens to me, but my other friends dont like her. She always calls me fat*** and that hurts my feelings. Please help I dont know if i should be friends with her or not.  Savannah

Dear Savannah,

 What you need to do is see what is most important to you.  Is the fact that she makes you laugh more important than how bad you feel when she calls you fat or ignores you?  You need to respect yourself, and know how you deserve to be treated.  If you’re even questioning if you’re being treated poorly or not, something is most likely not right.

 Try talking to her, tell her how much you appreciate her friendship and when she makes you laugh but it’s not worth getting into trouble.  If she blows off the conversation, she probably isn’t the friend you deserve.  And you deserve the best!

 GZ Advisor




BFF Problem

Hii yaall
Um, I have a BFF. She is really nice. I like her. But, she doesn't think me as a BFF, she has other BFF. She doesn't me call me over. Can you plz tell me how to make her like me. Plz. I like her so much.