Fashion Your Room To Fit You!


Does your room look sorta middle school? Or does it reflect your parents’ taste? Create the look you want. Celebrate who you really are. Change it up with these ideas!

Fashion Your Room To Fit You!

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With just a few changes, your room can grow from a little girl's room to your teen dream room...

By Cinse Bonino

If your bedroom isn't you and your parents aren't willing to pay for a whole new redo, what's a girl to do? Check out what Ashley did.

When Ashley was really little (as soon as she was out of her crib), her mom bought her a beautiful French Provincial bedroom set. Maybe you or some of your friends have this kind of furniture. It's white and is very curvy, and it usually has gold trim.

Ashley really used to love it. She thought it was SO pretty. Most of all she loved the frilly, lacy bedspread that her mom put on the bed. But she thought the whole room was wonderful -- the soft pinkish white color the walls were painted , the beautiful floral rug on the wood floor, and the white glass shades with raised polka-dots on the lamp on her dresser and on her nightstand.

But recently, Ashley realized that she hated it. Every single part of it.

She's just not into frilly anymore. She doesn't think frilly is bad or weird or anything; it just isn't her. And her mom refuses to spend a lot of money redoing Ashley's room. Her mom's comment?

"The room is perfectly lovely just as it is. I don't see why you want to change it."

Ashley figured she had two major problems...

Problem #1
Her mom needed to be convinced that Ashley should be allowed to change the room.

Problem #2
Ashley needed some kind of budget to work with. She needed money to pay for changes!

Ashley talked to her mom, reasonably. She didn't whine and she didn't cry. She said she understood that her mom was NOT willing to buy her new furniture, but that she really, really wanted the room to feel like her room. Not like her younger self room.

She thanked her mom for creating such a beautiful room for her to have and enjoy while she was small and asked if she could be allowed to create a more teen-ish room. Ashley suggested that her mom decide on an amount of money that Ashley could use to redo her room keeping the current furniture.

Ashley's mom agreed. It definitely wasn't a fortune, but there was enough to make some changes...

First Ashley changed the lampshades. She took off the glass lampshades and, she and her mom brought them to a resale shop. The money they would receive when the shades sold would be added to the redo budget! She purchased two old faded shades of the right size at the resale shop. She bought beautiful pale purple ribbon and created ribbon shades using the frames of the old lampshades.

Then Ashley and her mom rolled up the large area rug from the floor. Her mom wanted to keep this to eventually use somewhere else so there was no extra money from getting rid of this! But, her mom WAS willing to bring the frilly spread to the resale shop as well.

Ashley used part of her budget to buy two fantastic spreads in Pier I Imports. She put the purple, light green, and yellow, animal print, twin spread on her bed and used the material from the full-sized purple spread to make throw pillows. Fortunately her mom helped her to do this and was willing to use the rest of the material to create a padded headboard.

Her dad cut the shape out of plywood and her mom upholstered it with the purple fabric from the bigger spread. At first her dad said that he wouldn't have time to make the headboard. Ashley's backup plan was to make lots of throw pillows and covers for her bed pillows (called shams) to pile against the wall instead of a headboard.

They took the French Provincial headboard off and stored it. Her dad drilled holes in the bottom of the new headboard that allowed it to be attached to the old bed frame. She could have used an inexpensive metal bed frame available at mattress stores that snaps open, but she wanted to spend the rest of her money on a small but very her throw rug in the same purples, greens, and yellows used in the bedspread.

These changes made Ashley's room look totally different.

She plans to use the money from the items brought to the resale store along with some of her own money that she'll earn baby-sitting to buy a used dresser and nightstand that she can paint or refinish. Her mom is willing to match whatever Ashley saves. Her mom still doesn't want to sell the French Provincial bedroom set, but she IS thinking about it.