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Sliding through the top stories on the yahoo homepage I stumble upon a photo of a young Jennifer Aniston and the announcement that slip dresses of the 1990’s have begun to appear again as a fashion statement. The light and semi fitted dresses are being seen on stars and on the runways, and soon enough they will be appearing in all the stores. But I shouldn’t have been surprised. Years ago I was looking at photos of my mother from when I was a child. Dressed in typical ‘90s attire I thought she looked ridiculous. I wondered why she though long skirts and crop tops were acceptable, I would have never considered wearing anything like what she had on. Why were her sweaters all too big and OMG! What were those shoes?

            “Mom! Why are you wearing those boots? What are they?”

            “Uggs, they were so comfortable. I wonder if I still have them?” She looked thoughtful for a moment, “I think they might have gotten tossed in the move.”

            “Good!” I exclaimed, “I would never wear anything like that”.

            I was 13. By the time I was 16 and in high-school I was begging for my own pair of Uggs. They were the boot to have. My mom laughed, reminding me of my earlier reaction to her own pair. I couldn’t help but wish my mother had kept her pair to pass down to me. Although Uggs had fizzled out of style for a little while, hence my having no idea what they were, they were back and more popular than ever.  Today it seems that every other person that I pass on the street has a pair. I seem them in all colors imaginable, with bows and frills, but they are still just the same basic Ugg they were in my mom’s fashion heyday.

            So, think about your own wardrobe. Do you have anything neon? Have you picked up on the trends of oversized sweaters, Doc Martens, or leggings? Have many of your friends? If so you are all sporting the look of the 80’s which has cycled back into fashion once again. A look that was very much a new vision but which also incorporated some trends from both the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s. It has been passed down to you so you can do something different with it; make it your own. Do you own a pair of Keds or Converse, do you know a friend who does? What about leggings, yoga pants or crop tops? You have entered the world of the 90’s. The 21st century has taken the cycles of fashion and blended them, making a unique and postmodern vision. And it is always growing. We are always incorporating new trends into wardrobes and finding unique ways to blend it all. I am sure you have seen girls in oversized sweaters, leggings and docmartens, she has blended trends of the past and still managed to build a style your parents would never have considered.

            According to fashion predictions for 2014, even more fashion trends are going to cycle back in. Fringe floor length skirts and earthy tones of the 60’s will be hitting the racks in all of your favorite stores side by side with the floral prints and crop tops that found popularity this year as they were in the 90’s.  And lest we forget the two decades in between, designers are planning a revival of wide-leg trousers as well as pleats. The upcoming fashion season is going to be a mixed bag, just as all previous seasons and decades have been. The styles of our parents have circled back, leaving the challenge to our generation to do it better. Take chances. If something doesn’t appear to be the most popular trend at the moment, chances are it will be in just a few more. So whatever you wear, you will be ahead of the trends and doing your own thing. So be brave, be bold, and wear what fits your ideas of trendy.


I love how at the end of the

I love how at the end of the article it says "...wear what fits your ideas of trendy". One thing about fashion magazines that really annoys me is that they'll just be like "if you want to look good, you need to wear this" I think instead of telling girls that they need to wear certain things to look beautiful and pretty, fashion magazines should be encouraging girls to develop their own style and wear what they like, and that's exactly what this article did. :)


50'S, 60'S, 70'S, 80'S , 90'S! Old school retro fashion is unique, now a days everybody wants the latest but with old trend you can get cheap at the thrift store how can you go wrong. thanks for the reminder to be brave, be bold, and wear what fits my ideas. This article helps girls remember to be themselves. ;/ ;/ ;/