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Dear GZ Advisor, 

This boy broke up with me for this other girl.. and him and I are stuck in the friendzone. I can't get over him and he still isnt over me. I want to confront him but I cant.. What should I do?  Maria

Hey Maria,

Thanks for the question. It's definitely hard to be friends with an ex because most of the time those romantic feelings don't fade easily. You know him well and feel comfortable around him, so its difficult to be "just friends". Is it possible? Yes, absolutely. It sounds like you want to get him back, though. You have to take a look at his actions. He broke up with you for someone else. Maybe he regrets his decision, but until he breaks up with her, there is not much you can do. If you work up the courage, you could try to talk to him about how you're feeling, but be prepared for issues with the new GF or not hearing the answer you want. If it's torturing you to hang with him, maybe its best to take some space. Keep me posted!

GZ Advisor


GZ Advisor,

Ok, So i have this ex boyfriend of mine, me and him have split up 2 years ago, before dating we used to be really close friends, well now we talk here and there but not like we used to, i still miss him and he tells me that he misses me but idk what to do because he tends to lie, and my parents dont like him, well now finding out my best friend who used to date him too said "yes" to him asking her back out, and she said shes just gonna play him, but idk because she has feelings for him too, but she has a boyfriend of her own , so what should i do???   Kaylynn

Dear Kaylynn,

You obviously still have feelings for this boy, but you seem conflicted. It can be so hard to let go of people from our past. Try to look at the situation from a different point of view. Pretend one of your BFFs is telling you about their ex boyfriend who lies, asked out her best friend, and her parents don't like him. What would you say to her? I'm guessing you would tell her she is beautiful, smart, funny and deserves better. Well, look in the mirror and tell yourself those exact same words. The past can hold us back from experiencing new things that might make us a million times happier than we ever even knew. :) As for your friend that wants to "play" him, encourage her to move on with her life and her new guy, as well. Keep me posted!

 GZ Advisor