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By Madison Fraser

If there’s one thing you know you never have to be told, it’s that cigarettes are bad for your health. Before you learn about drugs, alcohol, or even eating healthy, your parents and teachers stress that trying tobacco product typically leads to a lifelong habit.

Today, the crusade against the cigarette industry is becoming skewed with the introduction of new tobacco alternatives, or just merely different ways of smoking it. The great debate between the benefits of choosing hookah, cigars, or even marijuana over normal cigarettes is pretty inconclusive. Most recently, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) are making a splash in press, as many smokers have found them as a suitable way to curve their addiction.  Seeing as the FDA has yet to regulate the manufacturing of e-cigarettes, there is still a lot of information unknown about them. Before you jump to conclusions about trying this smoke-free form of nicotine, it’s best to know 1) how the substance works, and 2) how it will actually affect your body when you consume it.

The main thing that differentiates e-cigarettes from normal cigarettes is the fact that it’s tobacco free. It’s battery operated to burn pure liquid form of nicotine, which then turns into a vapor that the user can inhale. Because little to no smoke is generated, e-cigs are assumed to be significantly less harmful to your lungs, and also less harmful to bystanders who may breathe in secondhand smoke when you light up a normal cigarette.

Essentially, many people who are addicted to cigarettes only continue smoking because they’re hooked to the nicotine in them. No one actually likes their lungs to be polluted with the tar that comes from tobacco cigarettes (or so I would hope no one does). Because e-cigarettes allow the smoker to inhale their daily dose of nicotine without getting the side effect of lung cancer, it would seem as an obvious alternative to most people.

Unfortunately, because the product is still so new to the industry, I would advise getting involved with them anytime soon. Unless you’re a smoker trying to find a way to wean off normal cigarettes, e-cigs are definitely not a safe recreational habit. Studies have shown that the vapors in them can still manipulate the cells in your respiratory system, adding damage to your lungs. And not to mention, they still contain nicotine, so using them can turn to into just as bad as an addiction as normal cigarettes, and sometimes even worse since the FDA has no regulation over the amount of nicotine that’s in the liquids the manufacturer provides you.

If you’ve already tried e-cigs and don’t want to give them up, no worries, because now there’s an even safer alternative called the VitaCig  - a mock electronic cigarette that only dispenses flavored vitamins in its vapor. It’s completely safe, and contains no nicotine or tobacco. It’s available to anyone 18 or older, and can be purchased online for only five dollars.

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