Does My Crush Like Me?


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Does My Crush Like Me?

Hi GZ Advisor, 

I have a couple of problems to address:

1) I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia and I left my crush behind. I feel pretty depressed since I really like him and he's a lot like me. We share a lot of interests and have each others number so we stay in contact often. I was pretty sure he shared the same feeling I had for him. I regret not telling him I liked him, but I don't want to do it over text. ​

2) At my new school, I found two guys that I moderately like. They both are band geeks (like me) and they both are smart. I guess I'm drawn to smart people. Anyway, One of them likes to talk to me and I always catch him looking at me. The other guy talked to me when we both couldn't go on a field trip. During that time alone at school, I swear I caught him staring. I don't know what to do with my crush problems. Please help me as much as you can!



Hi Aida,

Moving to a new state is a huge transition with lots of changes. Starting at a new school and meeting new people can be kind of nerve-wracking, but it’s also kind of exciting! You get a fresh start and you never know what friendships (or crushes!) will evolve. Embrace the adventure, GF.

Sounds like you already are- Joining band and checking out new crush worthy guys. ;) If you’ve already broken the ice with these guys and you caught them staring, I’d say that’s a good sign! Since you have similar interests, such as band and school, start some more convos about those topics. An easy one-ask about a homework assignment or project and let the convo go from there. Just take a deep breath and be yourself. Confidence is always attractive.

And btw, I love that you are drawn to smart people-it’s great to surround yourself with interesting people who help you strive to be your best. You sound like a great girl with a lot going for herself, I think you got this.

GZ Advisor