Different Kinds of Friends


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Different Kinds of Friends

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Hey, it's Sofia and I'm here to talk to you about all different kinds of friendship. When you're in high school there are so many different kinds of friendships you'll have! They probably won't last that long, but don't fret, it's just high school friends.

The Best-friend: This is the person who knows every single thing about you. He/She will not judge you, they will always listen to you, however they can also be brutally honest with you. But Hey! That's what you need. They are the people who go along with your lies, your partner in crime, so to speak. They would do anything for you and you would do the same!
The Frenemie: This person was your friend but they wronged you in some way, shape, or form. Either by lying to you, stealing your boyfriend or crush, or just simply saying something you didn't like. Either way you guys are definitely not friends anymore. You should cut off all of your frenemies because they're pointless. During High School we tend to keep them around because they have something we don't. I.e. a car or a pool or is able to get food.
The Older Friend: This person is either
1. About 20+ years older than you who you look up to, like a mentor. 
2. They are a tad bit older than you but they can do things you can't.
The Scary Friend a.k.a The Shannon: This person is so much fun to be around, due to the fact they you guys will always be on an adventure. Unfortunately, they scare the day lights out of you! They love to do dangerous things and sometimes those things make you wonder if you should ever leave them alone ever again. But all and all they're pretty fun to be around.
The School Friend: This person is the person who you only see/talk to you at school. It's not because you're embarrassed of them or anything like that. It's just because you don't have anything in common with them besides school. Sadly sometimes you wish that you could hang out with them outside school, but unfortunately, you're stuck in the "School Friend" zone. Sometimes even come close enough to be friends, but not close enough to be able to hang out with them, like some of your other friends.
The Know-It-All Friend: this person's think they know everything about anything. Sadly everyone has a friend like this, and if you don't then you are this friend. They can annoying at times and helpful at other times. If it bothers you so much that they are always correcting you, tell them. Don't be too harsh, most of the time it know-it-all's don't know they're a know-it-all.
The Old Friend: This person used to be in your life. They were at one time the most important person in your life. Most of the times yoyr old friend is also your childhood friend. You guys used to do everything together, and now you guys don't even say hi to one another. Once you hit middle school or high school you and your friends start to drift a part, because of so many different clubs, sports and/or new people. It's hard but you just have to be brave and keep your head held high. Also your old friends were apart if the old you. It's time to become a better you.
Friends come and go but there only one thing you can do is just be yourself! Just because one of your friends are doing something, doesn't mean you have to do it. Stay true to your self. :) This is Sofía and I hope this helped, and check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ThisIsGirlTalk
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