Dealing With Depression


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Dealing With Depression

A lot of teens these days get upset about frivolous things, and claim that they are depressed. Yet many teens these days get judged by the clothes on their back, the music that listen to, or even the way they talk. People can be depressed in tragic times in their life, however, if you are clinically depressed you're always going to be depressed. It's so upsetting to see a person who used to be so vibrant and happy turn so low that they become depressed and suicidal.

When someone is extremely depressed, cutting is a thing you may see, or not see. Many people don't want people to see their cuts, so they will always be wearing long sleeve shirts, even in the summer. Sometimes, instead of cutting their wrists they will cut their thighs, stomach, etc.

I used to believe if you're sad, try and cheer up! Do things that make you happy and you'll be happy again. Sadly, I realized not too long ago, that depression means no matter what you do, no matter how happy that used the make you, it won't make you happy now. I used to believe that suicide was a selfish escape, that everything will turn out better just in a matter of time. But when you are depressed you only notice the terrible things, and you're too full of all this hatred towards yourself and your life to notice all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

On top of everything, cutting isn't the only thing depressed or suicidal people do, if you thought that cutting was the only thing, you're wrong. They burn, binge, purge, smoke, pull their hair out, pick at their skin, hit, bite, take pills, and maybe even more. There are so many different ways people these days are crying out for help. Not only are they harming themselves on the outside, they are harming themselves on the inside. Even when they get over this rough time, there will be long lasting damage that they are not seeing now.

Another misconception about someone who is depressed is that they can never be happy, yet that is not true. No matter how happy a person can look, it doesn't mean it matches how they feel on the inside. It's basically like telling yourself you are going to work on things you need to and go outside and have fun and depression sits you back down and says "No, you're not." But when you want to hurt yourself, depression's right there egging you on, handing you the tools you need to hurt yourself with.

Self harm is serious. No matter if it's one cut or a thousand, a scratch or a deep cut, extremely faint or a scar that will last for a life time. Cutters kill their own emotional pain and self-loathe with physical pain. Every single cut they have on their body tells a story, and each story holds more pain than the scar/ wound can show. All the frustration and hopelessness they feel can not be fixed by just not thinking about it. They are just causing themselves more pain than they are emotionally feeling. We all do it though, we've all got extremely mad and punched a wall or felt so upset and just want to scream and you physically bite your lip or finger to stop yourself. It's all the same thing, just in different degrees.

So, what can you do if you’re feeling depressed or cutting yourself? School counselor, Erica Portillo, MSW, shares some ideas to help. Coping skills are how we deal with our emotional pain. People turn to negative coping skills, like cutting, doing drugs or drinking because these things may make you feel better in the moment. In the end, these behaviors will causes you more problems and make your depression worse. It is so important to find positive ways to cope and to actually face the issues that are affecting you. Talking to a trusted adult is the first step. Reach out to a parent, relative, teacher or school counselor and tell them how you are feeling. There are many things that can be done about depression, including therapy and medication. Exercise, getting enough sleep, eating healthy and having outlets such as art, music, and writing can also help get you back to feeling like yourself.  For example, to help get yourself in a more positive state of mind, create a gratitude journal.   

I understand how lonely it is to fight alone but guess what? You don't have too. I know you can't pick and choose when you want to be happy or depressed, and I know you don't want to be depressed or feel this way. But you're not alone. If you ever need anyone to talk, you can message us on or message us on twitter @Thisisgirltalk :)