Silver Cross Necklaces - A Fashion Bargain


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Silver Cross Necklaces - A Fashion Bargain

So classic that your grandma may have an heirloom one herself.  So of the moment that celebs like Selena Gomez and Katy Perry have been photographed wearing one. Sterling silver cross necklaces are one of the true fashion bargains—you can wear them demurelywith a sundress at a picnic just as easily as you can layer them to add edge to your concert look during festival season. Ever since Madonna piled on the crosses back in the ‘80’s (throwback alert!), they’ve been a fashion mainstay, as much a staple to your wardrobe as your favorite skinnies and tank.

This season’s floral skirt or loose white tank may be old news by Labor Day, but your sterling silver cross necklace will still look amazing. You can pick a cross necklace that fits your personality, such as a stylish one from the collection at Apples of Gold. If your personal style is girly-girl like Taylor Swift, choose a delicate cross with filigree or engraving and a fine, short chain grazing your collarbone.  A more sophisticated fashion sense (like if you identify more with Kate Middleton) demands a more posh cross,with a mirror finish and adorned with colored gems like your birthstone, or even a sapphire like the Duchess of Cambridge’s famed engagement ring. If your style is more Goth or skater, pick an ornate antique looking cross with a long rope of thick chain wound around your neck. If you want a unique sterling silver cross necklace, check out unusual sources like your local flea market or boutique sites like

You may be declaring your spirituality or just expressing your love of beauty and simplicity with a piece of jewelry that speaks to you with your sterling cross. Worn alone or layered with other necklaces of varying sizes, a silver cross can go casual and edgy or classic and girly at your cousin’s wedding. Score a bargain and get a silver cross to match your bff’s—you could do a new twist on the grade school best friends necklaces by getting each other’s birthstone on your necklace. Even though you’ve been joined at the hip since seventh grade PE class, the two of you rock a different vibe so you might opt for a romantic Celtic cross while she might want a teeny-tiny silver cross to show off your friendship—linked without being too matchy-matchy.

Religious girls may want a crucifix or a silver cross fashioned of nails on a long chain worn close to their hearts to show their deep faith. Delicate engravings of flowers and vines suit a nature girl who’d rather hike or climb rocks than wear sparkly jewels. Mix it up with a short chain and its tiny cross layered with chains of varying lengths, all in silver, for a paparazzi-worthy outfit.  Add more charms to your silver cross pendant to make a simple necklace more you. Or hold out for a luxe cross with a real diamond set in the pendant if you’re a fashionista who only wants the very best. No matter your style, you can find a sterling silver cross necklace that reflects your personality and brings out your sparkle.

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