Will He Call?


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Will He Call?

Dear GZ Advisor,
Please help me!!!! I met this really cute boy at a party I went too the other night, and I started talking to him and he was really nice. I gave him my phone number, and he said he would call me, but guess what?

He hasn't.

I feel really upset 'cause I really wanted to get to know him better. I can't call him because I don't have his phone number. I have just been waiting and waiting for him too call. Even though I had only met him for about half an hour, I just can't seem to get over him. It's been over two years since I had a boyfriend; I've been waiting for the perfect one, and I've met him, BUT WHY DOESN'T HE CALL???!!!!

Please suggest a way to help me get over him; my friends are getting fed up with me for going on about this boy all the time.
Signed Anna

Dear Anna,
I can understand why you're feeling upset because the boy you met at the party didn't call even though he said he would. It's normal to be disappointed when people don't follow through on what they say they're going to do.

There are many possible reasons why he didn't call, he may have lost your number, he may have decided he didn't want to call you after all, he may be very busy right now, or he may have fallen off the planet!

The most important thing is for you to stop waiting by the phone and get on with your life.

You're missing out on doing fun things with your friends and new people. One of the best ways for you to get over this guy is to get busy. Call your friends and make plans to get together (you may have to promise not to talk about him since they're tired of hearing about him). Go for walks. Read. Help a neighbor or a family member.

By putting energy and activity back into your life, you'll soon have many great things and people to think about besides this boy.

Take care, from the GZ Advisor