Too Skinny


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Too Skinny

Dear GZ Advisor,

Hello. I am a very skinny girl I weigh 105 but I have no butt and Im in the eighth grade. I dont hate the way my body is but it that i eat every chance I get and dont get any bigger. Help.  Brittany

Dear Brittany, 

Your body is going to start going through alot of changes. As you get older, you will naturally gain more weight. So, don't overeat..just eat when you're hungry. If you want a more J-Lo looking booty, try doing some exercises like lunges and squats. :) The important thing is to focus on having a HEALTHY body by playing sports and eating fruits and vegetables.  

GZ Advisor



Hey GZ Advisor,  My name is Angela and i'm 14 years old i have skinny legs and i feel like i am not normal please give me so tips on how to reduce skinny legs
Love, Angela


Hi Angela,

I've been recieving alot of email lately from girls aren't happy with their bodies and wanting to change something about themselves. The thing to remember is that there is no "right" way to look or one thing that defines beauty. I have girls that write in and say they are too short, too tall, wish they were were skinnier, wish they were more curvy, hate their curly hair, hate their straight hair. My point is that people tend to want what they don't have because they compare themselves to others. If you are comparing yourself to someone else, you will NEVER be happy. Work on liking what you see in the mirror, embracing your so-called "flaws" and realize that every single person on this earth is different, unique and beautiful.

I encourage Girl Zone readers to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle... not to be skinny, but to be healthy! For example, Try joining a gym and doing some exercises with weights to build muscles in your legs. Just know that having the perfect legs will not make you love yourself. That comes from within.

Love ya girl!

GZ Advisor



Dear GZ Advisor,

I am really worried. I am a lot shorter than all of my friends and I am SERIOUSLY way too skinny. I am also really underweight. My parents say to focus on being taller, because I can gain weight anytime. My friends ALWAYS say to eat more, but nothing's working.
I have a flat chest, but my boobs are starting to grow a little bit, and I'm the only girl in my year who doesn't wear a bra! I'm scared to talk to my mom about it, so I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon. I also want my period - really badly. My best friend has already got hers and I feel like an outcast around my friends.
What should I do? Esha

Dear Esha,

Slow down girl! It sounds like you want to rush into all these changes, but your body isn't ready, yet. Every girls' body is different, but don't worry-your time will come when you will grow, gain weight and get your period. I'm not sure how old you are, but it sounds like you may not have hit puberty, yet. Trust me, it will happen soon. All you can do now is eat healthy, exercise and how about asking mom for a training bra? Believe me, she knows the day is coming soon, so there's no reason to be nervous to talk to her about this kind of stuff. She was your age once. As much as you hate to hear this the other thing you have to do is be patient. Stressing over it does no good and doesn't make it happen quicker! My advice is to put your focus on other things, like sports, music, art, friends etc. Oh yes, and how about that pesky thing called schoolwork? LOL. Get your mind on other things and you'll forget about your insecurites because you'll be living life and having fun! I also want you to look in the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful, smart and talented you are. ;)

GZ Advisor 


Achne problem

i m in 9th grade . i have acne on my face. Pimples led to scar and redness. my skin is not oily then also i have pimples.Please tell some tips to remove them. Please help mee. I have fair skin that's why it looks more clear and its embarssing.