Too Much Ballet


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Too Much Ballet

Dear GZ Advisor,

Hi! I have been dancing ballet for 12 years professionally and I recently quit due to the pressure. Ballet has made me previously cry myself to sleep every night, eat less, and give up an outside life for the studio. It has been a few weeks, and I often find myself very upset through this transition period. How do I make myself feel better? I know that this was the right choice for me, but I am so confused. Where do I go from here?


Hi August,

Ballet was obviously a major part of your life for many years and so this transition will be like going through a loss. Although ballet caused you alot of negative feelings, it was all you knew for 12 years. With your new free time, you may feel lost or not quite sure how to fill your time. All transitions take time to adjust to the changes. Embrace this new freedom and discover other talents and aspects of your life. Enjoy your friends, family and school....Dancing can still be a part of your life, but it isn't going to control your life anymore.

GZ Advisor