Teacher Crush


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Teacher Crush

GZ Advisor,

I have a crush on a teacher and now it's totally killing me inside. This has been going on for about 2 years and it keeps getting worse and worse...I feel like everytime I come across an encounter with him  it's just so staged I get to class early and he is purposely in there talking to one of the teachers. HE'S EVERYWHERE! I can't seem to get rid of him or even get him out of my mind everytime I try he bursts his way back in when I have a bunch of weird thing's happen to me in one day. All my friends know so does my mom and so does the guidance teacher...now he knows because the stupid guidance teacher told him! Now he gives me glares and little hello's and it's horrible...I feel like crawling under a rock and dying! How can I get him out of my head so I don't have to live my last year of middle school thinking about this guy too much!


Hi Lora,

When we have a crush on someone, we become super sensitive to everything they do and say. When we like someone, we pay extra close attention to them and may feel self conscious, nervous, or embarrassed around them. That's all totally normal. You mentioned he seems to keep popping up everywhere, but you have to remember school is where he works and when he's in your classroom, he's speaking with his co-workers. It doesn't have anything to do with you, even though it might seem that way. When he says hi to you(and he prob says hi to lots of kids), its because he cares about you in the same way he cares for all his students-as their teacher. I know it feels uncomfortable, especially because you feel like everyone knows you like him, but try to stay cool. You are not the first or last girl to have a crush on her teacher. My advice to you-It's best to be realistic and set your sights on a boy your age. :)

GZ Advisory